View Full Version : Venom spotted in Oregon

19-12-2011, 14:03:29

Portland, Ore. (WSYR-TV/CNN) – An Oregon man wielding a toy “light saber” was taken into custody after attacking three people at a Toys R Us location in the Portland area on Thursday.

When police arrived, 33-year-old David Allen Canterbury was swinging the iconic Star Wars toy and shouting incoherently.

One officer attempted to use a taser on the suspect, but it proved ineffective. A second officer made contact with a taser, but police say Canterbury used the light saber to disable one of the wires.

Police wrestled the suspect to ground, but he continued to struggle violently.

Canterbury was treated by medical personnel at the scene and taken to a hospital for mental evaluation.

None of Canterbury’s alleged victims in the toy store had to be treated.

The Hillsboro, Ore., man was given citations for three counts of assault in the fourth degree, one count of disorderly conduct in the second degree, one count of theft in the third degree, one count of resisting arrest, and one count of interfering with a police officer.

Provost Harrison
19-12-2011, 14:36:59
"Interfering with a police officer"? :lol:

19-12-2011, 14:41:35
aww so cute!

19-12-2011, 15:34:39
Don't fuck with me when I got my lightsaber. And I'm high on meth.