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14-12-2011, 16:56:25
Esp for Funko!

a man has been searched at the airport and was found to have a can of Spam up his butt.

Officials think he may have links to the terrorist group Hamass


14-12-2011, 17:06:03
that came up on my feed when you replied to it on Facebook... *GROAN*

14-12-2011, 17:13:07
Figured it might come up on your feed, but taking no chances! Gotta get you and terrible puns together

14-12-2011, 17:24:14
I will obviously be using it again.

I came up with a good cheese joke the other day I'll have to get Tizzy to remind me what it was.

14-12-2011, 17:25:26
How do you eat Welsh Cheese? Caerphilly.

Mr. Bas
14-12-2011, 17:27:24

14-12-2011, 17:29:49
I need to go rest now.

Cheshire Cat
15-12-2011, 09:14:57
How do you eat Welsh Cheese? Caerphilly.

and with Brains?