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22-11-2011, 12:34:56
I'm 49 now

Where's the Gold Rush???



22-11-2011, 12:42:08
As the 49ers are the team of San Francisco, and the queers are the native species of San Francisco, you fit right in.

22-11-2011, 13:06:09
fine with me, but I expect the precious metal or equivalent riches to start flowing in copiously!

(BTW, you made me think:
if Gay Pride Parade meets Occupy Wall Street, will the Gays fly banners like "Occupy my ass"? :cute: )

22-11-2011, 13:16:41
Happy Birthday!

22-11-2011, 13:20:32
Aren't you rich from poker already?

And hb :beer:

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22-11-2011, 13:23:33
and :beer: :beer:

Immoral Wombat
22-11-2011, 13:26:47
This thread title reminds me of that time I saw two dwarfs 69ing!:D

Immoral Wombat
22-11-2011, 13:29:21
PS Happy Birthday!:beer:

I could set you up with a couple of dwarfs I know to make it a day to remember?:cute:

22-11-2011, 15:03:02
I miss Cheshire Cat.

22-11-2011, 15:11:24
He's renovating the Red Boss, it's going to be called the Red Trousers.

Mr. Bas
22-11-2011, 15:18:43

22-11-2011, 16:25:04
Aren't you rich from poker already?

And hb :beer:

I was

dating August 21st, my net poker career earnings amounted to +9'855
since then, having played 29 tourneys or sit'n'go's in the last 3 months, they dwindled more than halfway down to +4'635
770 of which went out yesterday (what a nice BD I had)

the catch is, despite the long dry spell
(did I un-learn? did I grow overconfident due to success, and unawarely loosen/embolden my tight style of play?
was it all six months of just sheer luck till then?***)
that was more or less the same career active I had in mid-july...
But my bank account did NOT stay the same.
I must have had "collateral leisure expenditures", probably trackable down to the "environment" in which hold'em is played

let's say I had "easily adjusted" to the extra-income my pastime provided (after the initial apprenticeship***)
now I expect someone reopens the faucet

(***starting March 1st in less than 6 months I played 111 events and got ITM 36 times, 9 thereof over 1'600 net win, up to 3'500 in my best result.
In that span, I spent 26'400 in buy-ins (avg ~240/event) and I won a gross of 41'400 in prizes, for a net gain of ~15k and a 56.5% ROI.

You can be lucky once or twice, but can you be "just kucky" consistently 1 time out of 3, for 36 times?

Something must have happened.
Now that I think of it...
to get to my last win 3 months ago (3k net) I had called from BB a friend's UTG all-in by 20k chips which were 25 blinds and 40% my stack, with AQoff.
He had AKsuited and when I busted him wit a Q on the river he rushed away without shaking my hand....
Maybe I have to amend to remove a curse...

thank you all anyway :beer:

22-11-2011, 17:08:52
Calling a friend's all in is bad sportmanship? :confused:

22-11-2011, 17:22:21
That's just bad luck, and classic holdem he should have shaken.

22-11-2011, 17:53:44
I'm 49 now

Amateur. :rolleyes:

22-11-2011, 18:35:58
Calling a friend's all in is bad sportmanship? :confused:

That's just bad luck, and classic holdem he should have shaken.

Oh, mind, he offered me a Remy Martin yesterday

We talked about that hand a couple weeks later.
- a move by the one who talks first (UTG=UnderTheGun) usually gets more credit, as he can't preview what everybody else will do
- 25 times the size of the Big Blind is not a desperate situation in which you are forced to go with anything. Many player wait to go below 10BB, more skilled players tend to act prior of getting there, with at least 15-17 BBs otherwise you have no Fold Equity (your allin becomes so short that a deep-stacked player will have the odds to call you without even looking at his cards)
- indeed I had 50k chips, 20k was a big chunk of my stack, and with just blinds and antes in the pot I had to put in almost half of its total

what he thus claimed:
- I should have figured out that he was not risking his tournament "light", say with just 10-10, but he could have moved that way from UTG only with QQ-KK-AA or AK
- AQ's strength depends much on the circumstances. In that spot, I should have considered it a weak hand. In that he's right enough
- in my shoes ee wouldn't have risked almost half his stack in that spot to gain just as much

my disclaimers:
- it was a CHF 250 +50 KO tournament. Each player has a "bounty" chip, when you knock one out you get his scalp, in that case worth 50CHF net and clean that you can't lose back
- UTG is becoming the "new button", right because you show strength. As many players will presume being behind with AJ or AT, you more and more see players pushing UTG with A8 or 77
- there were 3 shorts at the table, I was happy to go on playing there with 30k instead of 50k


many players with a high opinion of themselves get all fuming when the get called by a clearly inferior hand and get busted
they forget that if they start ahead 80-20%, they're very happing of winning easy the 80% of the times. Of course they'll also lose from ahead 20% of the times, which is not 0.

Between friends, it's OK to play proper.
It's questionable to make "strange moves" vs a friend, ie recklessily bluffing a friend (of course depending on the context: in a 50 sit at late night you might instead do it on purpose for closing the night in laughs) or getting vs him with "bananas" and the only hope to bust him ("sculare" ;) )

So, he told me "you knew I was strong, you didn't need to call me right then in that spot, you had all the fold equiti you needed"
I indeed somehow feared/expected to face AK, but I thought there were good enough chances to seize at affordable risk, and I felt folding would have been "soft play" (sanctionable if someone raises the doubt an prove it, of course there was no such actual risk, but nevertheless...)
At my explanation he just replied "eh..." but didn't say "OK peace" nor belatedly shake

Anyway, as I say, being superstitious brings bad luck, but trying to ease the "karma" makes no harm

22-11-2011, 19:36:47
you might just as well have typed that all out in Italian for all I understood :lol:

Love the graph. :p

22-11-2011, 20:33:30
still living with your mother?

22-11-2011, 20:49:02
He's Italian!

C.G.B. Spender
23-11-2011, 06:48:01
Bunga Bunga time!

23-11-2011, 08:18:27
In orange pants even!

Poison Arrow Frog
23-11-2011, 08:22:51
Happy late birthday.

Greg W
23-11-2011, 12:09:21