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18-10-2011, 08:15:34
I know, the real "World Champs" are those who win the World Series....

But formally, the Baseball World Cup 2011 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Baseball_World_Cup is the one organised by IBaF http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Baseball_Federation

This year, World Champs are...


beatig Cuba twice for the feat

USA and Canada got tied 3rd for... Rainout :D

Netherlands are last year European Runner-up
Last year European Champions only got... 11th, instead
a remarkable step-up by holland, who are the 1st european side to win the World Cup
(not counting the inaugural edition won by host Great Britain in 1938, over the only other participant college-level USA, in a 4-1 series)

true, this might not be the highest world level baseball competition, but anyway...

Until 1998 the competition was limited to amateur players. Since 1998, professional minor league players have competed, but Major League Baseball has not allowed its players to participate. In the months leading up to the high-profile first World Baseball Classic in 2006, many commentators heralded it as a "Baseball World Cup", perhaps not realizing that a tournament of that description already exists and has for almost seventy years. However, the 2006 World Baseball Classic was the first international baseball tournament to include players from the major leagues, making it a closer equivalent to the other world cups—which include players from the most prestigious professional leagues—than the Baseball World Cup

19-10-2011, 14:32:00
The World baseball classic is much better :p

The problem with this is it's held in october when mlb playoff are in full swing so a lot of good players are missing.

Still excellent job by the dutch, Cuba are an awesome team and I thought they would prevail. Grats :beer: