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29-11-2001, 12:32:45
Just been downloading the patch and all the updates for Black and White, would like to give it another go soon.

Noticed whilst I was there that they have a thing where you can download loads of different language versions of the Sailor's song from level 1. I listened to the German one! HARR HARR HARR

Resource Consumer
29-11-2001, 14:27:27
Not the sailor song, not the sailor song.

What other languages?

30-11-2001, 12:08:26
They are here:

http://main.bwgame.com/missionaries.shtml?userid=48d8e1212800f82c92d39d65 94d147c5

No Russian...

The patch looks to fix a lot of annoying features actually... never got round to downloading it before. The Football stadium, MP3 player and Villager chat also sound cool.

C.G.B. Spender
30-11-2001, 12:17:38
The song sounds like "Augsburger Puppenkiste"

30-11-2001, 12:18:40
The song is one of my favourite parts of the game, you can't skip the song. It's a test of your patience as a god. :D

C.G.B. Spender
30-11-2001, 12:26:16
I like Augsburger Puppenkiste.

Marschieren wir
Im schnellen Lauf
Berg hinauf
Oben dann
Alle Mann
Schaun mit List wo Feind

30-11-2001, 15:42:52
I downloaded the villager banter and soccer pitch patches a while back, but neither seems to have had an effect. Perhaps there's an option for "banter" that I need to enable, I don't know.
The main game patch has certainly affected the rate at which worshippers need to be supplied with food though, which is nice.

I really went off Black and White when I got to the Third World, back in about June. I'm still on World 3 now, and it's nearly December. I can't seem to progress at all. Harumph. Still, it is a good game.

30-11-2001, 15:46:12
The third world is where I am too, it's a pain not having your creature!

30-11-2001, 21:26:56
I remember world Three. And I don't understand why you should have any difficulty with it. You may want to restart world 3 once or twice for better layout of your village. The only thing really difficult about world 3 was figuring out how to get the Villies to extend your influence far enough out so you could gain the next village, as I recall. And that wasn't very difficult except for the big gap to where your Creature was being held...

I can give you the spoiler darn quick if you like for that.

30-11-2001, 21:28:28
Frankly, Black and White is a BETTER game without your creature, not with.

03-12-2001, 10:30:32
It is easy and I don't want the spoiler. I really like my Creature, best part of the game for me...

Anyway I managed to spend exactly 0 minutes playing computer games this weekend.

Resource Consumer
03-12-2001, 10:51:08
You are not pretending that you have a life.

I spent all weekend (apart from trips to the pub of course) playing RtCW, Battle Realms and Combat Mission.

Attention span of a grasshopper - that's me.

03-12-2001, 10:56:55
Saturday I woke up at about 10 terribly hungover and watched SoccerAM and the first half of the ManU Chelsea game, then went to band practice, came back, had a shower, left for London and went out there, got back to Reading at about 8 last night watched the final of The Mole and went to bed.

03-12-2001, 22:35:37
The problem I'm having is that my sphere of influence won't grow, even when I plant villagers houses at the edge of my current sphere and heavily populate the areas. Also now, with the enemy twat god having gained power, he's now got carte blanche to obliterate my viallages at will, so I'm spending all my time now defending them instead of expanding.
I did the quest with the guru on the mountaain top, but no help has been forthcoming so far. yes I survived the wolf attack without his help too.
I try to play the game on the light side, but I'm soreley tempted to just firebomb the entire enemy villages from a distance as I've got huge stocks of spell spheres that I chucked through the vortex.

I'm basically stuck!

Frustrated :bounce:

03-12-2001, 22:52:03
I throw rocks over the villages sometimes, helps.

04-12-2001, 11:02:37
It works even better to throw glowy artifact rocks into the villages.

I haven't played this in a whlie -- I'd been waiting for the patch, and then other things caught my attention -- but I plan to get back to it at some point. SO glad to hear the worshipper problem is solved. I did get past land 3, so since I'm not the world's best strategy player there is hope for you folk stuck there.

04-12-2001, 11:29:44
I seem to be firmly stuck as a neutral god.

04-12-2001, 11:48:14
I throw many artifacts, rocks, trees etc, but I'm just too far away from the enemy village to have any effect. I can't get close enough to insert the traders/religious disciples, but old matey boy enemy can rain down terror and brimstone on my villagers.
My problem is simply that I can't expand my sphere of influence, no matter how I expand my villages.

How come that guru bloke hasn't appeared to offer me sagely advice?
I'm also running out of wood again - almost the entire island has been deforested. I've started building a new forest using the trees from the magic puzzle and watering them heavily, but that takes a lot of time and meanwhile the enemy carpet bombs my village store!

Should I try creating a completely new village centre?

04-12-2001, 12:33:06
If you are on level 3 there is a wood dispenser at the bottom of the waterfall where you start, or there is on my one anyway.

I have created new village centres... each one becomes the centre of a new sphere of influence, if you really zoom out on the maps you can see that your influence goes in circles, each one centred on a village centre.

04-12-2001, 13:45:19
I've found the wood dispenser, it is "indespensable" ha ha ha!

I think I'd better form a new village centre then, rather than just trying to expand the villages I have. Trouble is, my villages are seriously under siege by the enemy, so they'll suffer continual firebombings!

04-12-2001, 13:51:53
Yeah, I think that might be the secret...

17-12-2001, 09:40:48
Yeah, that seems to be working. I've set up a new village centre as far out of my sphere as I could go and have spent some time heavily re-populating it (moving lots of women to the totem and going "Live here in peace", then sending in a couple of breeder males to impregnate the entire female population...). This is successfully expanding my influence, I can now just about drop missionaries in to the enemy village and, more enjoyably, throw flaming hot rocks in to his village centre :D

I'm actually steadily turning evil in this game now, my hand has become distinctly red and veiny. Not being nice enough to my worshippers :bash:

Have managed to successfully build a new forest too, which is good. I managed to save a pair of pine trees and a pair of palm trees from being ruthlessly hacked down. Then spent a fair while heavily watering them, amazing how quickly they grew new saplings etc. :gotit:

Still don't hear any village banter though. :confused:

17-12-2001, 09:51:59
You could spend all day reforesting the game. Wood miracle and forest miracle help, especially if you use the trees from the forest miracle and replant them elsewhere and water them loads. Also train your creature to water trees... not much help when he's trapped but still.

17-12-2001, 10:15:16
Creature? What's that? He's been stuck for so long I've forgotten that you actually have one...


17-12-2001, 10:17:25
Mine's been stuck for literally months.

I've not been able to play again yet. I bought Wolfenstein a couple of weeks ago and have played it for about an hour. Borrowed Dead or Alive 2 from KingG last weekend and haven't played it at all. :(

Still, I have got a few games of Pro Evo Soccer in. 2 or 3 anyway.

17-12-2001, 12:21:58
Last night was my first lengthy foray back in to B&W since June. Been playing System Shock 2 far too much.

14-01-2002, 08:59:30
At last, I've rid the world of Eden of Lethys, ha ha ha ha ha ha.

My creature is back from the freeze and dumb as ever - and still unable to do any decent fighting (unless that's just my shoddy fight direction, still dont' know what the heck I'm doing in fights - should I leave well alone or try to intervene? Should I be casting spells on them etc?)

Still don't appear to have "Village banter" or soccer actually working in the game though, b'ah.

14-01-2002, 22:56:22
Damn, Creature fighting is pretty easy.

ALWAYS intervene. You'll always do better then your Critter.

It's not a REAL fighting arcade game, mind you. Just a click fest. What you want to do is: click multiple times on your opponent Critter, as in WHERE HE IS WHEN YOU CLICK. Otherwise, you will just feint or dodge (both waste of time, ESPECIALLY dodging).

Your CLICK ORDER is the combination attack order. So click on their snout, eyes, ears, stomach, and knee instructs your critter to hit them: 1) Snout, 2) Eyes, 3) Stomach, 4) Knees. In that order. If your creature has enough energy, it will be pretty much a lightning combination. While your opponent Critter MIGHT block one of them, most will get through.

Holding down on a particular click tends to instruct your Critter to use a BIG hit. But it also tends to just tell it to dodge or feint, as the opponent will be MOVING.

So to sum up: Click lots and often on your opponent critter, until it is covered in lots of attack spots. Mix in small breaks for your critter. Be prepared to cast Heal on your critter IF you are facing an EXTREMELY strong opponent.

You CAN cast attack spells, but if you do, you risk hurting your own critter, especially if you set the baddie on fire. Setting your opponent on fire is a good thing when they are much weaker then your Critter, but keep an eye out. Weak Critters TEND to get their patron backing them and casting heals. The patron tends to ignore strong critters in my experience.

Also, try to only fight within YOUR influence, if the other guy is going to use spells. Nothing worse then seeing your Critter kick his critters butt, but fall down and die because he was constantly firing and lightning your beast.

You can experiment around with fighting some. There is a very *small* amount of actual skill. But it's *very* small. Mostly, it's just stack loads of attacks, and you win. The only DEFENSE you ever need is casting a heal to make up for your opponent's costant spell attacks, or when facing huge ass (compared to yours) Critters. That will carry you through the entire game.

15-01-2002, 10:18:49
Many thanks - that isn't too dissimilar to the battle tactics I've been using, but will try the head-midriff-legs style clicking action you suggest... I had tried casting the pentagon to get him to do a special move, but it's quite tricky to cast spells I've found during combat.
Oh well. Persevere!

15-01-2002, 10:30:09
Well, I wasn't saying to use that EXACT combination. Just giving an example. But that's the target range to stay in... between head and knees.

From my playing, it's never worth it to have your CREATURE cast CREATURE spells, unless it's a heal on himself, and he's just too far away to affect. If he needed healing that bad, then by the time he ACTS is generally too late.

Hey, Mike is the big BnW fan around here. He might have better/more refined advice for you. But those tactics I outlined never failed me in the game, whether in Campaign or Skirmish mode.

15-01-2002, 11:46:56
One other question - what creature do you have? Mine was the cute but not particularly stong in battles Monkey. However, I did just swap him for the secret monkey available on World 3 - when you get the "I'll make the old young again" scroll, if you actually give the lady one of your young, she turns them in to a special monkey creature!

Incidentally, my creature ate the "invincible" man who lives in the lake by the wood dispenser. About 10 minutes later he reappeared. Seems he is truely invincible! What's that all about?

I would post these questions on the B&W fora, but they're full of silly kids.

15-01-2002, 23:04:49
I eventually settled on the Tiger, but I had the battle tactics worked just fine for the ape and bull.

Its been so long since I played world 3, I don't remember what his deal was.

16-01-2002, 11:56:19
World 3 was the one where your creature gets captured and frozen, so you have to do the whole expand influence thing without the "assistance" of your creature...

When you get to Lethys having only 1 village left, he suddenly gets all matey with you, I was just too ruthless for my own concience :D

21-01-2002, 15:55:12
Argh, world 4 on B&W...
Got totally wiped out in half an hour :cry: