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Walrus Feeder
09-10-2011, 11:21:37
Not sure if anyone's posted anything on The Wire previously (probably years ago!) but i've getting into it big time recently and couldn't resist snapping up the 5 series box set for 49 recently.

Series 1 was good but i thought series 2 & 3 excelled, and that's where i'm up to at the moment. Don't think i've ever watched a series where the characters have been so compelling and watchable and just how good on every level The Wire is. Anyone else a fan?

10-10-2011, 07:29:40
Yeah, there are quite a few of us. Season 4 is my favourite. I'll tell you why when you've watched it. :)

Season 5 I thought got a bit silly in places...

Nills Lagerbaak
10-10-2011, 07:47:35
Another fan here definitely.

Was season 5 the one about the press? I found it a bit of welcome light relief after the grit-fest that were seasons 1-4. I think it intentionally pokes fun at itself.

10-10-2011, 08:13:52
Yeah, but they lost me slightly on believability in some places. Maybe that's me underestimating how surreal things can get. I remember some people complaining about the believability of Omar, but it turns out he's heavily based on a real guy.

Catching up with Season 2 of Treme on Sky at the moment, that's well worth a look for fans of The Wire. Set in post Katrina New Orleans. And Generation Kill was really good too.

Nills Lagerbaak
10-10-2011, 09:21:02
There is quite a bit in it that seems "exaggerated" to me, but always within the boundaries of good taste I think. Season 5 really made me laugh.

I really want to watch Treme. "Spiral" is also supposed to ba awesome.

In other news just finished watching all three seasons of "the inbetweeners". Absolute genius.

Walrus Feeder
10-10-2011, 12:58:58
I've heard Generation Kill is impressive too. After the eventful ending to season 3 of The Wire i think i'll wait about a month before engrossing myself in season 4, which i gather changes in focus a bit. I found in season 3 everything took a turn for the worse for virtually every character apart from the wonderful Cutty (Dennis Wise ha ha!) and the the mood felt a lot bleaker. Although series 2 had it's grim themes and shocking scenes i felt it had a lot of amusing moments too: Bunk trying not to throw up in front of Daniels after a night on the whiskeys (Daniels giving him his customery stern stares,) Ziggy buying a pet duck and letting it drink beer, Sergeant Landsman introducing himself to Beatrice Russell whilst chomping on a meat pie in front of her with bits falling on the floor and then ridiculing Detective Freamon's attire of tweed impertinence and of course the brilliant dialogue when Brother Mouzane confronts Cheese in the projects and later laments the failing of his aide Lemar for forgetting his Harpers. Classic.

10-10-2011, 13:29:10
It's funny because whilst Ziggy's arc has some really funny moments it's also kind of tragic. He's also one of the main actors in Generation Kill, the banter between the marines in Generation Kill is quite reminiscent of the banter between the homicide cops and the dock workers.

It's worth picking up the books The Corner and Homicide: A year on the killing streets by David Simon.

Both are journalistic works, he spent a year with the homicide detectives, and living on the corner. And it's amazing how much of The Wire is based on the stories and people he encountered there.


(if anyone wants to borrow them, I have them both)

I need to get hold of the Generation Kill book too really.

The Shaker
10-10-2011, 15:45:50
We were quite into the Wire, Very good
however we stalled on series 5...still waiting to finish it.
Plus Marlo Stanfield look too like Ashley Young.

Walrus Feeder
11-10-2011, 00:01:06
Plus Marlo Stanfield look too like Ashley Young.
Ha ha. I see a tiny bit of Shaun Wright-Phillips in him too. How about Daniels looking like ex-Reading and Stoke defender Ibrahima Sonko, Omar looking a bit like Dwight Yorke and one of the other Detectives, Vernon Holley looking like Chelsea centre back Alex?

All in the game

Lazarus and the Gimp
11-10-2011, 16:51:08
I loved Wire and Generation Kill.

Tried watching Treme. Soooooooo boooooooooooring.

13-10-2011, 07:37:36

13-10-2011, 08:10:32
It is incredibly slow and nothing really happens, but I am still really enjoying it.