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25-08-2011, 13:00:58
MDA [8:13 AM]:
I got a blue M&M!?
Mrs. MDA [8:13 AM]:
did you win something?
MDA [8:13 AM]:
Maybe cancer, I don't know.

I don't eat them much, but I don't remember blue ones.

25-08-2011, 13:50:37
Been there a few years

"In 1995, Mars ran a promotion in which consumers were invited to vote on which of blue, pink, or purple would replace the tan M&M's. Blue was the winner, replacing tan in early 1995. Consumers could vote by calling 1-800-FUN-COLOR."

25-08-2011, 14:08:07
1995. I've been neglecting my M&Ms... or just eating differently colored holiday versions.

Cheshire Cat
25-08-2011, 14:08:57


Steve: Why you only eating the brown ones?
Mary: Because someone once said they have less artificial colouring because chocolate's already brown. And it kind of stayed with me.
Steve: You kind of stayed with me.