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Mr. Bas
24-08-2011, 22:18:30
Or any Europeans that happened to have been there:

Any tips on what to do or see on a 4-5 day trip, starting and ending in Denver? I know there's plenty of cool mountain areas and national parks around, and one of the most appealing current plans is to go to the Moab, Utah area to visit Arches and Canyonlands NP and do some mountainbiking or hiking. Any other suggestions? I'll probably rent a car, and I'm fine with driving something like 7-8 hours if wherever I go is worth it. Or, alternatively, I could just go on a five day binge in Boulder. Other suggestions?

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
25-08-2011, 01:33:05
Well, according to the Denver tourist website, there's pointy buildings, dead animals and topless chicks.

Also according to the website, Denver had a theater before they had a school or hospital, so that'll give you some kind of idea about their priorities. Expect a whole lot of well-entertained sickly idiots

25-08-2011, 01:39:15
A small amount of pot is legal there. You know what to do.

25-08-2011, 08:19:18
see the Carrington place, Blake will let you in, he knows me

Mr. Bas
25-08-2011, 15:19:19
I like pointy buildings, dead animals when well prepared, topless chicks, pot and well-entertained idiots, so that sounds good for a start.

25-08-2011, 15:51:39
Downtown Denver has a bunch of decent bars/restaurants within a fairly compact area. Worth exploring, especially on a nice night. Boulder is perfect for a binge, with plenty of hiking, mountainbiking on the side. University of Colorado is there and presumably will be in session then. Aspen, despite being high-falutin' and expensive, is beautiful, and involves less driving than going to Utah. Haven't been to the Moab area yet, but it's supposed to be awesome.

25-08-2011, 16:22:31
Rocky Mountain National Park is great too (though it depends when you go, as I think the mountain passes close in like October). Estes Park is a bit of a tourist trap with few decent places to eat though.

25-08-2011, 16:58:25
I've heard South Park is nice.

25-08-2011, 17:20:51

25-08-2011, 17:46:54
Go visit Lurker!

26-08-2011, 14:01:56
Dat's a looooong way.

26-08-2011, 15:17:23
But you like the dutch dutch dutch!

26-08-2011, 15:33:35

26-08-2011, 15:42:11
Lies is a nice Dutch name for Elizabeth

26-08-2011, 19:49:53
I advise the natural effects (parks and such). It is even more stunning than in a movie and something that you will not see in Europe. Don't spend so much time in the cities and get over your Euro superiority complex and try to see the salt of the earth.

26-08-2011, 20:00:12
Yeah nothing pretty in Europe at all!

Get over it TCO !

Dyl Ulenspiegel
27-08-2011, 07:39:56
Salt Lake City!

Greg W
27-08-2011, 08:03:33

Dyl Ulenspiegel
27-08-2011, 08:09:24

27-08-2011, 10:41:57
Uppsala! A bit out of the way of Denver :D

Poison Arrow Frog
30-08-2011, 08:53:31
You need to piss on the great continental divide. Piss one way to piss on L.A. and the other to piss on N.Y.C. Any American would be proud.

Mr. Bas
10-09-2011, 21:25:14
Since Funko, jsorense, devilmunchkin and MDA seem to have left forever, I can safely return. Forever. Mwuhaha!

Anyway, had a great time - Colorado and Utah are both beautiful places. I originally planned to go to the Moab area for about 4 days, but cut that back to something like 2 days when realizing it was Labor Day weekend with all the cheap places fully booked. Went to Boulder before the conference, fun town, and after Denver went west. First stop was Glenwood Springs, cool little mountain town with a weird hostel and even weirder people. It was basically just a pit stop, and spent one night and one morning there, when I did some hiking at Glenwood Canyon and visited Doc Holliday's grave.

Next stop was Moab, which is awesomely awesome. Visited Canyonlands and Arches NP and Dead Horse Point SP, all cool places to hike around and be amazed at all kinds of grotesque views, rock formations, canyons, mesas and whatever else they have there. Wanted to go mountain biking as well, but my lazy side won in the end, with the excuse that it wasn't worth paying for all the rental stuff if I'd only have a few hours anyway. Then went south to Monument Valley, more cool Wile E Coyote-reminiscent scenery, and then east to Durango. Carver's Brewery there has great food, great beer and great waitresses, I was very hungry but it was one of the best places in the US I've been to actually. Mesa Verde NP was interesting, and after an all-nighter in the car arrived back in Denver, and am now back in MA.

Pictures will show up, somewhere, someday.

Why exactly is everyone in the UK, actually? Is moving there the hip thing to do or something?

10-09-2011, 23:41:33