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22-08-2011, 01:45:03
There was one of those.... I kind of didn't expect it.
I met, by accident and when all my current life was on full display and force, a power of the past that linked to the great creative that I miss so much many times.

And while I must confess, it is going ok, life has approached a very believable and very SUBSTANTIAL balance, there's this tick of longliness and nostalgia that keeps screaming that m.f.that I should go back to the old profession etc.

Suprisingly enough and since I'm here, a phrase of Laz pops in my head which said "you are still a romantic. You need to take care of yourself", or something similar, which is always true.

And like Theseus was it (or was it another one) who looked back and turned into a column of salt and died, I should not look back, at those interminable hours of work and the writing and that crazy living but instead dedicate myself in this remote differantiational distance that give me all this security and ample time and keep going, not looking back at what is probably a torch banging left and right as it explodes in a downward spiral in a black tunel.

I think I'll just keep on looking forward.

22-08-2011, 01:55:27
There's a perfect time for everything. And if you missed it you missed it and can never re-create it in its true form, ever again.
Holding on to it deals the great damage of bluring your current life and diluting its instant everevolving essences.
While a comeback guards a needed dilussion that helps things move along by providing an escapist sub alternative, the active pursuit of it, would prove too demanding and severly counterproductive, now if pursuited by me.
So let it remain there, as a need that may never need to be fulfilled but serve constantly as a escapist existential crutch, a safety valve. Its degradation to that kind of form essentially forms the overcome that propels forward.

22-08-2011, 01:57:19
And now let's try to sleep :sleep::nerd:

Cheshire Cat
22-08-2011, 09:05:55
And like Theseus was it (or was it another one) who looked back and turned into a column of salt and died

that was Lot's wife


Orpheus instead turned back to look at Eurydice while rescuing her from Hades, thus losing her for good