View Full Version : LSN - version 1.08 now available

22-05-2002, 14:54:36
Just got an e-mail and am downloading now. Supposedly includes a map editor and scenario tools.

This is not a patch, you have to re-install.

22-05-2002, 15:15:26

22-05-2002, 15:22:29
I really have to find the time to try this one out...

22-05-2002, 15:58:24
Yes you do. :D

22-05-2002, 16:11:24
It was downloaded 5 minutes after the email arrived. :)

The Shaker
22-05-2002, 16:46:29
Installed here too.
But i was expecting the SPAWN too

:cry: :shoot: :bash: :mad: :vom:

23-05-2002, 07:25:44
*nods* :cry:

23-05-2002, 08:41:55
I wasn't, I read the notes on what was going to be in 1.08 when they sent the e-mails out.

23-05-2002, 14:19:06
So did I, but when I opened the email I was expecting Spawn. After reading it I wasn't anymore.

23-05-2002, 15:46:27
Okay, I've got the damn game now.

"Challenge" me or whatever.

23-05-2002, 16:00:42
OK. PM me your e-mail address and I'll send you a challenge tonight.

23-05-2002, 17:40:47
Sent Snapcase a challenge and I've just seen the new new game interface. WOW!!!

23-05-2002, 18:01:03
Just beat Shakey's marines 20-2 in 13 turns. I'm great against Marines. :D

The Shaker
23-05-2002, 21:25:32
stupid hasslebank

23-05-2002, 21:42:58
Oooh, I'm playing my first game.

I used the map editor to take a peek at what the map looks like. I hope that's acceptable.

23-05-2002, 22:59:22
You'd be screwed totally if you didn't.

I'll leave it to Mike to tell us if that's acceptable or not:D.

24-05-2002, 09:41:00
That's fine, there are some sites that have the maps too, I linked them in an earlier thread.

You are quite excited already, wait 'till I send you a turn! :D

24-05-2002, 12:50:01
map editor and stuff should prove very cool.

i think we should design a hardman map and have an official CG tournament

24-05-2002, 12:52:42
I like that you can play higher points and longer turn battles. And I want to give someone a battle on the HQ assault thing.

Does Fist play this anymore?

24-05-2002, 14:37:15
Hm. Lemme have a shot at Map Editing...

24-05-2002, 21:25:34
This is quite enjoyable. First map well under way.

24-05-2002, 23:08:49
Originally posted by MikeH
Does Fist play this anymore?

I wish, but my life is so fucked up at the moment I can barely keep up with all the PBEMs I already have...

The funny thing is that since when I registered I haven't played once and I had to turn down every random challenge sent to me :(

24-05-2002, 23:11:42
And besides. I will never play a 'destroy HQ scenario' with you. You're too good at that ;)

25-05-2002, 10:21:55
That sucks, I hope stuff clears up for you soon. Then I can get back to bashing your HQs. :)

25-05-2002, 11:54:25
My first map, "Juanita", is well underway. Leafy american suburbia with a hardcourt soccer pitch, a street cafe, three suburban houses...

25-05-2002, 12:01:03
It has a map editor? Must…resist…temptation…

25-05-2002, 14:45:25
Yeah, Map editor looks pretty cool. Also some new maps are appearing. I've challeged Bossman and the map came back as surrounded. :cool:

25-05-2002, 14:55:10
And you can play hotseat now. :D

25-05-2002, 15:05:37
:hmm: Surrounded isn't actually a map even though it says Map: Surrounded. Wonder what that means then?

25-05-2002, 15:44:59
It IS a map, I'm playing it now, it's just not in the maps list. Looks like a cool map as well.

26-05-2002, 09:02:50
Well... surrounded is interesting. 25-13 to me vs Vincent after 4 turns and I took out his HQ. Absolute carnage.

26-05-2002, 12:25:48
I didn't kill all his units though, I think my points jumped to 25 when I got his HQ.

26-05-2002, 12:38:58
Oh, all right then, I’ve downloaded it. Damned clunky scrolling. Just started tutorial 3 now.

26-05-2002, 13:29:58
So, there I was, happily losing dismally, my only commander having been taken out by my own stupidity, left with a grunt, a grenadier, and a medic and causing a bit of damage guerilla-style (well, relative to earlier) when the game crashed. Does this happen often?

If not, could someone send me a challenge? My email address is sean at tombstone dot org dot uk.

26-05-2002, 17:40:47
Challenge sent, an HQ game.

26-05-2002, 17:41:38
HQ game :confused:?

26-05-2002, 17:46:20
Object is to destroy the opposition's HQ. That Ok or should I send a normal one? I've got a lot of Wipeout at the moment and HQ is cool.

26-05-2002, 17:47:45
Thou Shalt Destroy All Thine Enemy's Head Quarters Afore He Destroyeth Thine.

26-05-2002, 17:50:41

I still haven't got the last turn Mike. Any chance of a resend?

I think I'm going to register, I like the Map editor and I want to terrorise everyone with my shoddy homemade maps.

26-05-2002, 17:51:16
OK, whatever. It’s not like I’m going to win. What kind of map is it—I don’t see it in the Map folder?

26-05-2002, 17:53:09
I don't know, I haven't played this one before either.

26-05-2002, 17:53:32
The new ones don't seem to be in the Maps folder.