View Full Version : Is it just me or there is a new layout?

17-08-2011, 13:07:47
Why is it that the big awesomtastic counterglow title brings me to some useless counterglow forums page in which the general discussion part is not shown?

Did I mess with my settings or something changed while i was on vacation?

Do you really want me to change my ten years old habits and click on the "general discussions" link rather than "counterglow forums" one? :(

17-08-2011, 13:15:16
I haven't changed anything and Nav's even lazier than me so I doubt he has.

17-08-2011, 13:16:02
Which big awesometastic counterglow title? The image?

17-08-2011, 13:27:23
Yes, but I just noticed that link is context dependent.

I mean this link: http://www.counterglow.com/forum/

It used to show the general discussions section in it, not anymore, now I have to click on general discussions to expand and see those subforums.

Maybe is just me changing settings but I don't remember doing so, oh well..

17-08-2011, 13:31:48
Ok, nevermind, I changed style and expanded that section and now it works.
Couldn't find that option on dark style.
Perfect example of the "Just how stupid are CG users?" thread. Very.

17-08-2011, 13:52:02

I didn't know you could collapse them

Greg W
18-08-2011, 01:22:45
Neither did I! :eek: