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05-08-2011, 20:28:29
At the hospital there were a lot of things.
The room was full of grandmothers.
Mine got out today, very fragile but I was, all were, immensly relieved to hear her communicate.
Anyway exilaration day today, although some fights you can't win, but to see my grandma speak again was great.
I abandonned my lovely SO and stayed in the family house, just staying next to grandma and talk.
She is very fragile.
I am next to collapsing, it is not the tiredness is the constant on alert state.
One more medecin was added to the mix.
She was the most lovable grandma in there.
Lots of other cases.
Very serious.
I wonder if I'll have the strength to support my parents when the time comes.
And feel the need for family of my own more acute and sirene than ever.

05-08-2011, 20:41:54
also i was taking a break walking with my auntie in the hospital garden where there was a church and on the opposite side were some very old buildings that were built for the refugees from asia minor.
i was wondering will that country ever balance itself. we're blessed with such a beautiful country and yet we have managed to put her through so much, torturing ourselves and getting so much less than what we deserve. instead of putting our fist down and make this country as beautiful as it can be for all of us.
and here ends my ethnocentric rant.

05-08-2011, 22:07:52
Good news and I hope she keeps improving :)

Greg W
06-08-2011, 00:55:43
I'm glad she's doing well and that you're getting to spend some quality time with her. :)