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02-08-2011, 11:31:55

volatile links, here's about my rankings:

found this, it should be something more permanent :gloat:

San Remo Italian Poker Tour, 2011 July 24th-31st

Mini IPT
360€ buy-in (+40€ rake)
528 entries
72 ITM (in the money), 1st 43k€
57th, 660€ (+260 net)

IPT Main event
2000 (+200) € buy-in
426 entries
56 ITM, 1st 210k€
37th, 3800€ (+1600 net)
there I had spent tho 4*250 = 1k€ in four Satellites where alas I failed to qualify
in the 1st one I got out on the bubble :bash: (first of losers), in the last one two places before the bubble
plus, a friend banked me with a 10% stake, further 160€ to deduct from the net earning

my first ITM achievements at a national level event
(in my previous first IPT attempt I got 131/518 in the Mini and 95/390 in the Main, for which I got tho qualified with first Sat spending just 250€)

take that CCat you infidel!

02-08-2011, 12:01:03
I got out from the Main vs the guy who then got 3rd


30' before end of Day2, 17th level 3000/6000 blinds
I had almost 25 blinds, but decided to play my chances by pushing all-in with AQ clubs vs a 15k utg raise
he had AK off (with K clubs), at the turn I had an inside and a flush draw, so 14 outs for a 32% chance to win at the river, but none came down

besides the final 3rd placed, at that moment at my table I had those who later got 17th, 18th, 20th, 21st and 24th

I was, how do you say, a minnow in a shak pool
I can't regret making that move
had I waited (folding AQ suited!), even climbing up for instance 25th I'd have got only 300 more than those I got in for 37th

BTW, the friend that staked my 10%, had got out on Day1, and played the 1000+100 Side Event
he got 4th, bringing home 13k
too bad I didn't venture into exchanging a 10% on him too... oh, well, next time

Cheshire Cat
03-08-2011, 16:23:58

if you throw yourself in the ocean hands tied, and by some miracle you grow gills to keep you from drowning, have at least the dignity not to boast you're a good swimmer!


04-08-2011, 07:48:43
That's just bad luck on the AQ suited.

10-08-2011, 13:11:57
I spent the 4 hours train ride back from S.Remo to Milan sharing the compartment with a wheelchaired canadian from Toronto and his two gorgeous teen daughters.

chatted a bit ranging diverse subjects, it helped make the long ride lighter

I now realise: could he have been one of our CG Torontonian residents visiting France and Italy in incognito?