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28-07-2011, 15:51:36
i have been told that there's no use in suffering if you can avoid it. i can't understand for the life of me why my family doesnt leave this neighborhood and go somewhere safe.
it's not easy but it's not impossible.
i recently discovered that i have no real issue with the neighborhood as i dont feel particulalry threatened going out. there is danger, because there is crime and drugs and alcohol but somehow for now, i prefer having the money to go to holidays, have fun with the SO and have a good time without feeling anxious for the money. maybe god willing if there is something in the way of a serious engagement-development, then i would think about dedicating money to change neighborhood but for now i feel it's ok and besides my main beef is with those macho greeks that think they own the place (not all, but some do and want to play master against ordinary people who are from somewhere else as well as greeks who dont agree with their racist/peasant view)
actually my beef is with anyone who isnt CIVILIZED. and that means acting like a sober anglosaxon at all times.

for the life of me i cant understand why my family doesnt just leave :violin:

28-07-2011, 18:13:05
plus there' something else. i want to get it off my chest.
when i was walking with my grandmother, i realized she is fragile, actually i realized how fragile she has become and it is only natural at that age. i feel a deep disgust for people (i will not characterize them here) who attack. i can understand drugs mess you up and there's suffering in the world and yaba yaba but the line must be drawn. and it cannot be drawn, it has gone far beyond controllable.

my SO happens to be from a place where there are no such problems. although she does know them well because she grew up here. but in a time where these neighborhoods were considered the jewel of athens.

i was walking with grandmother, trying to instill some positive thinking and walking past all this... how can i describe it... all this misery and seeing my grandma so frigthtened but then again happy that we went out i felt very saddened and very angry.

we went to the church which is a big deal for her and all her grandmother friends came and people that have remained in this neighborhood to talk to her and offer her consolation and their love and she started crying.

i know she is an old lady, it just something that i felt, because she was always so very strong.

i dont feel it is wise to hit a knife with your fist. i can understand that this neighborhood means a lot to her and that her daughters understand that.
i wish i could do something more but i cant make decisions for them.