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28-07-2011, 14:33:22
got some update on the situation with the lovable pakistani immigrants who threaten everyone to knife them and play hit list pakistan top 20 all day long in full sound.

Apparently they got into an argument with some other pakistan and started exchanging bottles of beer. Then they proceeded in meeting on the street and begun knifing eachother.

The police came and told them to.... yes!!! "sort it out yourselves!!!!!!!!!"


now on some background, the particular indivindual who brags about knifing everyone and claims here is pakistan not athens is indeed crazy (there was no doubt about that after a while) and turns out he OWNS the appartment or so he claims, he is married (must be that druggie 50 year old who keeps screaming), has a kid (must be that tragic figure getting outside the balconi and closing the door so the neighnborhood doesnt hear his mother's screams) and tends to go out on the street and cry for him mommy. literally. :clueless::gasmaske_rolleyes: