View Full Version : Left forever, back semi-forever

Mr. Bas
18-07-2011, 15:23:47
Forever has given me enough time to note that the continent is still in existence and has better beer and coffee than the US, that the English for some reason persist in driving the wrong way almost killing me in the process, and that the American summer is way, way better than the dreary grey summer in Europe.

Also, being back in the office means plenty of occasion to waste time here. What did I miss? Any new bridges, DIY failures, who got married this time? Update!

18-07-2011, 15:27:56
New zombie-vulnerable abovewater building!

Dyl Ulenspiegel
18-07-2011, 15:43:30
"the continent is still in existence"


19-07-2011, 14:50:56
It's been doing its best to be as incontinent as possible lately...

19-07-2011, 14:52:07
Wales have slipped below the Faroe Islands in the FIFA rankings.

Mr. Bas
20-07-2011, 18:46:47

21-07-2011, 07:41:06
It was a surprise they were ever above them!

Mr. Bas
21-07-2011, 16:18:29
But at least Wales had Ryan Giggs. And Aaron Ramsey. And, errr, Craig Bellamy?

Still, that ought to be better than what a few thousand stranded vikings on a rock in the atlantic can produce.

They are still better than Liechtenstein and Andorra, right?