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15-07-2011, 20:32:45
Completely from previous trauma, went to the tax agency and they were very rude and didn't make things easy to get my money, then car broke down and needs a buttload of money to fix, work is awful and work environement terrible, heat is terrible and suffocating and everything is going worse

but I don't care!!!!

Off to the greek islands for intimate moments with the SO next to the waves, swimming, eating, drinking, reading, swimming, (the first thing again) and relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxing and leaving everything behind. LONG overdue! :cool::cool::cool:

My schedule is very simple: total relaxation and generally not giving a freaking frook about anything for daaaays :):):)
yeyyeyey (so happy)

hope you have a great summer! :)

16-07-2011, 01:42:21
Don't break your dick again.

16-07-2011, 09:30:44
Venom, your avatar vaguely looks like Santa butt fucking a reindeer. That's rather disturbing.

25-07-2011, 14:06:56
I didn't break it :)
It was great. Beaitiful relaxing. Hanging around at the beach for hours swimming and drinking a glass of ouzo.
The island was populated by french people. more french people than greeks or any other european ethnicity which is great on so many levels.
beautiful time. to be remembered.

coming home i found out that an aged loving person of mine was mugged and thrown to the pavement with blood and eveything. the police caught the bastard and if i can believe details one cop was going to do a wonderful job at him before they throw him in jail.
i feel very grateful to the neighborhood for helping my loving one and for the help in capturing the scumbag.
as my uncle said he was lucky we were not around because peoples' right to stay in one piece after attacking an 80 plus year old person are very debatable.
i want to go to the court to see what greek justice is about.
randomly i'm sure, i helped a grandmother after she was mugged. right before i left for holidays. there was a great guy who helped mine while i was away and feel very grateful for that.

26-07-2011, 13:22:39
grandmother is doing much better on the psychological front and today i'm going out with her (very slowly as she can not walk) in the exact same path she was going that day and buy her an orange juice. i'm not going home at all because she kept asking for me. of course she didnt say anything while i was on holidays. she was in blood and stitches and yet when i called she was saying everything is fine and have a great time so as not to make me come back

28-07-2011, 11:18:37
Don't break your dick again.