View Full Version : Hidden dangers of bathing

14-07-2011, 14:32:43
Dog gets gastroenteris (evil cappuccino machine, when he's not vomiting). ~$300
He recovers, but smells like ass.

Gave the dog a bath.

Quite confident he gave me poison ivy in return. It's on my face, forearms, and? Priceless.

Face and back of one hand are blistering and burning. The rest thankfully just red and itchy. Did I say a little swollen? I should have, that would have been funny.

Ponds and offending plants are right next to the elementary school, somebody is going to have a very not fun job to do before this fall.

14-07-2011, 14:37:31

I hear sheep like to eat poison ivy, maybe Funko will let you borrow some :D

14-07-2011, 15:00:11
Sheep or goats would be good. I'm sure there's plenty of poison ivy as it was recently cleared of brush and trees to comply with some strange state law governing storm water ponds.

There's a good bit of sumac, tree of heaven, and a whole lot of something that looks a bit like those but isn't. Hopefully a honeysuckle or something, and not poison sumac.

I worry they might have cut down a poison sumac when they cleared the area and all this stuff popping up is off the roots of the original tree.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
21-07-2011, 01:16:54
I assume I would hate getting poison ivy on my Priceless, too.

21-07-2011, 09:52:17
Certainly reading about it is priceless!

21-07-2011, 11:02:22
Went back for poison ivy round two armed with gloves and disposable coveralls, mask, goggles, clippers, RoundUp. Hand clipped and cleared 10 feet back from my fence and then sprayed the lush jungle of the stuff growing down the slope to the ponds.

really, really wish I had taped my sleeves to my gloves

My wrists feel like they are on fire and have been for four days, the only thing that even takes the edge off is antihistamine, although I haven't tried a benzocaine ointment. Would consider iocaine powder if it were available.

also, really really wish someone had taken pictures :lol:

Dyl Ulenspiegel
21-07-2011, 11:54:43
It's the revenge of the winter clothes!

21-07-2011, 12:29:56
cut off the arms at the elbow - problem solved!

21-07-2011, 17:55:22
Or just don't be allergic to poison ivy.

21-07-2011, 18:18:34
Rachel swore she wasn't allergic....and oh boy she was miserable for a while after pulling it from the garden. Antihistamines, colloidal oatmeal baths and gloves ( so as not to scratch when sleeping)

21-07-2011, 18:37:09
I know with poison oak you slowly build up immunity with repeated exposure. It's probably the same with poison ivy.

22-07-2011, 00:35:23
supposed to be

I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to nitrogen/oxygen atmospheres too, though. It's probably better for me to just avoid it.

25-07-2011, 12:46:41
Had a weird brown spot on my wrist, hours before any rash developed, so I went to the doctor. Apparently a thorn made a nice channel for the ivy oil to get underneath my skin and cause some local bleeding, so it was a scab and not some crazy skin tumor.

Now I'm taking steroids for the rash. I'm a little jumpy and really, really hungry, but not itchy. I blame the crazy posts on the prednisone (this time).