View Full Version : Man U - Barça predictions

26-05-2011, 10:59:36
slow start, Barça to open the scoring end of first half, weather the furious man U onslaugh at the restart, and score a second towards the end

26-05-2011, 23:06:59
I'd love Manchester United to win - but I pretty much agree with what Lineker said in a recent interview and I'm hoping we get lucky.

Reallistically I'd say 2-0 Barca.

Greg W
27-05-2011, 03:04:55
A close game, with Barca edging it 2-1 in the end.

27-05-2011, 08:54:36
I quite fancy Man U to fat a goal or two in from a corner.

Have this feeling they might some how edge it on the day. Maybe draw at 90 mins

27-05-2011, 20:27:54
2-0 to Barca as much as it pains me to say it. Hernandez needs to steal one in the first 30 minutes or so for them to have any chance. Since I don't see that happening Barcelona will grind out a goal through massive possession. After that, they'll add a late second when the game opens up with United pushing to equalize.

And to make matters worse it will be some twat like Pique or Puyol scoring just to make matters worse. Or Mascherano. Fuck that guy.

Walrus Feeder
28-05-2011, 13:39:21
Don't think Manchester United are as gooder counter-attacking force as they used to be years ago, which i think is why their away form has been fairly poor by their standards this season. I can see both teams scoring though, but a 2-1 Barcelona win.

28-05-2011, 15:11:43
Their away form has been exceptional in champions league, they haven't conceded a goal.

Greg W
28-05-2011, 16:04:20
I'm guessing that Wembley would be more of a home ground to them than Barca though.

28-05-2011, 16:06:53
Maybe. Everyone raises their game for wembley though!

Nice warm up for Monday anyway!

28-05-2011, 20:42:00
good lord, what a trashing the second half was...
the gap was bigger than I expected

Greg W
29-05-2011, 03:55:00
Nice warm up for Monday anyway!Monday? :confused:

Oh, do you mean the playoff for promotion between Reading and Wales?

I was also surprised how much Barca dominated the match. They pressed better than United. So many times when United got the ball they'd be forced to hoof it forwards because everyone was closed down. And yet when Barca got the ball, I'd often see the United team sitting 5m off everyone, giving them leave to pass it around all day. Or run and shoot as Messi showed in his goal. United just seemed to have absolutely no answers...

29-05-2011, 06:23:49
good lord, what a trashing the second half was...
the gap was bigger than I expected

Yeah, and I don't think they even won a corner. Second half was more one sided than Man U against a bottom Premiership team.