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26-05-2011, 07:50:58
the new iteration of CM is out, just downloaded it yesterday

didn't have time to play it, but I suspect I'll get into it seriously in the coming months / apparently they used their last Iraq-afghanistan games to test drive the engine, so it should be pretty refined. I suspect it will be even more of a proper simulation now than what it was (ie pretty focused for grognard players, with a step gratification curve).

There were quite a few CM players here in the past, so without necessarily starting a league, it would be nice to get a few PBEM rolling at some point.

26-05-2011, 12:01:02
Was just talking about the old one with a coworker last week. :beer:

26-05-2011, 15:50:33

Cant get it now but definitely will soon!

26-05-2011, 15:55:28
What? Really? I've been wanting the game play of the old games with the technical advancement from the newer ones. Does it deliver?

26-05-2011, 22:44:02
You won't agree with him anyway.....

27-05-2011, 08:51:58

did the tutorial yesterday, it looks to be delivering, yes
- units seems to be a bit more responsive (infantery moving faster than I remember, but not unrealistic, like in total war)
- graphics obviously vastly improved
- quite a few nifty innovations (like to show when you're in command range, and what' syour morale)

I've barely scratched the surface, and had to use the manual to do the tutorial (despite playing CMBO and CMAK to death), so it's not exactly a beginner's game, but for those of you enjoyed CMBO, it's great news

I'm really excited about playing a though, realistic war game against human opponents. i've hadn't had that since 2006, and despite the fantastic games I played in the meanwhile (the mass effects, the dragon ages, the civ5, etc.) I realise I miss it.

27-05-2011, 15:12:21
Bug: French tanks go faster in reverse.

28-05-2011, 20:43:26
you were still faster than us to get to Dunkirk... we never knew the brits could be so quick...

29-05-2011, 19:14:16

Resource Consumer
05-06-2011, 21:24:05
WOW! Am a bit interested in picking this up again.

As Beta1 will testify - I am crap at it though

06-06-2011, 13:12:48
had quite a few games over last week, and fuck this game is hard; defeating the AI in the campaign (like courage and fortitude) ain't for the faint hearted...

it's pretty brilliant... this makes you care for every single man you're loosing

I can see myself getting bored of the bocage quickly, though, thank god you can play on other maps

30-06-2011, 09:34:32
I think I might have to pick up a copy. It's been a while and I'm feeling nostalgic.

30-06-2011, 13:56:41
totally worth it

there aren't many players around for the moement though