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22-04-2011, 18:26:52

22-04-2011, 22:12:34
Happy choco bunny ears to all :)

24-04-2011, 09:28:15
har harrrrr i did a little trick.
at easter at midnight when the priest proclaims jesus ressurected there's war happening from all the firecrackers. we're talking battlefield bosnia, noone gets out alive. there are sometimes trauma but even if that doesn't happen it kind of shocks you because it is so darn loud. i guess a ressurection certaintly warrantees such upheaval so ok but it is a pain in da ass.

my grandma is very weakened so we couldnt go as family to the church to get the holy light.
so it fell on me to go out and get it.
to walk to the church i would have to walk through a minefield of firecrackers blasting, exploding and tearing the sky and road in two.

so... i happily and cowardly waited inside the door of the building, saw a family of what turned out to be serbs or russians walking by with the candles lit i got out of the building said jesus ressurected and got the light and then got right back in :D
har har, i escaped all the mayhem :D and the people who gave the light were very happy.
all happy!

although my grandma figured me out and said my poopypants grandson probably waited outside the building to get the light which was very true :D

Dyl Ulenspiegel
24-04-2011, 16:23:31
grandma is a smartje

25-04-2011, 11:24:50
Don't stop at the ears!

25-04-2011, 11:38:00
I did not eat any chocolate bunnies nor did I search or hide any colorfully painted eggs.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
26-04-2011, 03:52:39
Oh, you people and your quaint 2000 year old customs.