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22-04-2011, 12:25:49
Anyone played it ? Always up for a free to play game.

22-04-2011, 18:32:26
See, I ahve the opposite problem.

I have payed for many great games that are fun to play which I never have tim et oplay...


23-04-2011, 19:54:44
enjoying it enough to part with 5 for some in game currency to upgrade my tank a bit.

Not convinced I'm actually hitting much and only been credited with 1 kill in 8 rounds (not sure if its last hit counts or greatest damage - have been credited with a fair number of hits but no kills)

Its a little like battlefield heroes but with less hats.

05-05-2011, 17:09:20
Where are the famously designed and manufactured Japanese, Italian and British tanks?:cute:

05-05-2011, 17:36:04
There are some british tanks in (valentine, matilda and churchill) in as premium tanks listed in the soviet section as lend-lease units. French tech tree is in development (game includes pre and post WW2 tanks), British separate tech tree is apparently coming after the french. Not sure about the Japanese.

Played a lot over last couple of weeks, theres a very rapid advance at the start then a very slow and painfull section around tier 3-4 where you keep meeting tier 5-6 tanks in battle and getting hammered but I now have a Su-85B with a decent 85mm gun that can punch nice large holes in anything I'm likely to meet short of a tiger (and I've never actually enaged one of them)

06-05-2011, 13:15:53
the french tanks were pretty competitive in 1940 (the problem was that they were scatterred, not massed in armored divisions), but, as the Pz II and the initial russian tanks, didn't age too well.. wouldn't want to be facing a tiger with a B1

07-05-2011, 03:37:34
Oh, don't forget about the infective overload one the turret commander.

07-05-2011, 08:49:12
What kind of infection did the turret commander had? :eek:

09-05-2011, 10:48:45
You should have stayed away from the prostitutes in Naples.

12-05-2011, 00:11:52

if I don't like, I only lose time

Edit: ...and sleep. Simple capture the flag game on the surface. I want a Stuart. Near instant queues, 15 minutes or less per game. Hours passed and I neglected my wife and dog. Fun!

12-05-2011, 21:24:38
They have the "I want that next tank/gun/whatever" thing just right.

I now have all the first 4 soviet TDs and arty + all the light tanks below the A-20

There are some serious sweet spots when you know what you are doing.

Initially I found the AT-1 (lowest soviet TD) total crap but now I have all the modules it is much more fun to play than the Su-100. Because of the tanks you are match against it is much more competitive.

13-05-2011, 00:48:50
yeah, now that my M2 is upgraded and the crew has a little experience, it's gotten better

I see you can eventually get an M5 light tank with the 75 or 76mm gun, that looks like fun.

13-05-2011, 17:50:35
You can - but its generally a bit crap - I have a russian light with a short 75 but its as inaccurate as hell and you don't need all that penetration against other lights and you are unlikely to get close enough to a heavy to make it worth it.

At low tiers 56mm is the way to go - the AT-1 with a long 56 is lethal. 2 shots kill most lights and tooled up with camo nets and spotting gear you can sit practically invisible then take out an enemy tank at 500m.

All though it is quite funny to use the 75mm with HE to smack the tracks off enemy heavies then drive round them at speed laughing.

13-05-2011, 18:45:56
It looks like the Chaffee is on their list of things to add, with a true 75mm tank gun. That's more like what I want.

I played a few rounds with the Stuart and seem to get tracked then destroyed quite a bit.

A WASP or Churchill Crocodile would be awesome.

13-05-2011, 19:14:15
Just checked its the Su85 I have - the 100 is next.

Bit annoying I keep getting matched up agasint IS-3s. All I can do is tickle them while they can pretty much 1 shot me.

15-05-2011, 20:57:10
I just got the 85B with the better 85mm gun. Nice.

I still like pestering and spotting with the M3, a lot. No one seems to know how to lead a target. It seems that way right up until someone does, anyway.

I bought a week of premium, I've already put more hours into this than most other games, so it's well worth tossing them six or seven bucks.

Anytime I have 15 minutes and need a quick fix, it's there. ...or I could sit all afternoon and half the evening Sunday playing.

19-05-2011, 11:51:58
It got a thumbs up from Penny Arcade!

I killed a T1 heavy yesterday, three hits, all by myself with my SU-85. I was so close I don't think he could depress his gun enough to hit me square. Maybe it had the stock gun, they generally suck.

Getting into battles with multiple heavies in an M3 Stuart is a little irritating, but they hopefully find all the artillery shells that fall in after I zip past just as irritating.

19-05-2011, 18:33:46
You wait till you get to a proper TD - I have just got the 107mm on my SU8-85 (the proper SU-85 not the convertible Su-85B version.

Most lights get one shotted, KVs now fear me rather than just bouncing everything. I out a few round through an IS-1 the other night.

Rapidly becoming my favourite vehicle - taken over from my maxed out AT-1.

Current loadout - 107mm gun, spotting binocular, camo net, repair kit. Crew at about 80% at the moment. Its got such a small profile that if I hide in bushes I'm basically invisible down to a distance where I can penetrate pretty much anything (and I pack 6 APC premium rounds just in case an IS3 comes calling...)

If I'm drawn against lower opposition (nothing higher tier than a KV) I can absolutely rule. Maps with long ranges mean I can sit back and take out opponents I can barely see who have no chance of spotting me. Against higher tier opposition its 2nd line of defence smacking big HE shells into big tanks who keep wondering why their tracks keep falling off...

19-05-2011, 19:00:48
I've got the 107mm, binocs, camo net, and the ammunition loader. I was torn between the repair kit and loader.

I deliberately tracked a KV1 yesterday with my Stuart, he blew me apart seconds before artillery crushed him.

19-05-2011, 20:32:20
I completely missed your second post - I was responding to the one with the Su85B!

Have you tried playing arty? I have an Su-5 with the 152mm gun. Kind of cool but it seems pretty useless at higher tiers as the enemy are too armored. Fun at lower tier though, once you get your eye in you can easily hit moving targets. Teaches you a lot about hot to avoid arty though.

Have given up on tanks though - just to painful grinding past the tier 3/4 section. Wheres the fun in driving a BT-7/T-24 against Tigers? I have researched all the way to the T-29 medium and the A-20 Tier 4 light but can't face playing them. I like my sneaky little Su85 too much. Only 25K exp to the Su-100...

19-05-2011, 22:02:14
I'm about 6k short of the SU-100. I've been spending most of my time on the TD as well. I haven't done any arty. I see they rack up the kills.

It seems like I've been stuck forever in the light tanks for the german line, working up to mediums.

20-05-2011, 09:30:50
thats why i gave up on that line. I moight hold off on the su100 for a bit though. enjopying the At-1 again :)

20-05-2011, 15:19:40
after saying that I just bought a A20 and because I realised I could quickly grind past it on my free exp. Nearly at the T34 now

20-05-2011, 16:38:01
The T-34-85 seems pretty nice, but since I'm already into the last of the german lights, I'm going for a Panther. Maybe. Maybe I'll get the PzIII/IV and not have the heart to continue.

I love my SU-85. Not sure if I'll go the 100 or not. If I keep drawing battles full of T8 heavies, I may have to just to stay competitive.

I regularly see 4 or 5 of them.

20-05-2011, 18:04:31
If you go to the Su100 you will just draw more T8 heavies. I find the best thing to do is find the other guy driving an Su-85 or -100 and hang in the next set of bushes. Not much can take 2 hits from 100+mm guns.

22-05-2011, 22:00:32
The III/IV isn't bad close quarters. It's somewhat agile and can take a few hits from tanks in its class. The gun isn't powerful, and feels slow to aim, which is why I prefer to get in close with it, or go around a hill and flank tanks already engaged by heavies.

Started down the US arty line yesterday. That can be painful without someone around to screen you from the scouts. I finally know what it feels like to be the victim when I catch arty alone in my M3.

23-05-2011, 19:07:35
I've taken to guarding arty in my Su-85.

Partly because I'm nice but mostly because its very funny to one shot a light tank with a 107mm round - you know exactly where they are going especially on that map with railtracks down the middle - you just sit at the end and BLAM

23-05-2011, 19:12:06
ramming them in a PzIII/IV is also extremely satisfying

31-05-2011, 14:22:41
finding the tendency to advance to contact, then sit still waiting for the enemy to poke his tank out of cover while being picked apart by arty... irritating

when you can get a group that keeps advancing through cover and moving to flank, it's a thing of beauty

31-05-2011, 19:56:25
Main problem is heavies pretending to be TDs sitting in bushes 200m behind the front - if you have 100mm+ armor you should be pushing round that corner and drawing fire not hiding in a bush. Seen a lot of advances held up because 4 heavies wont go round the corner and take a round from a medium. Yes you'll lose a few HP but if all 4 go only one will take a hit and the medium is dead. But no they would rather pop in and out one by one taking 5 minutes and all taking 1-2 hits before the medium gets bored and runs off.

Hell today I gave up waiting for a heavy to push and rushed in my Su-85. Ran at speed over a crest and smacked a round straight through an ISU-152 from the side at 50m. Tracked it and killed it with the second shot.

Having a lot of fun in my tricked out AT-1. got the 57mm gun, camo net, binos, gun laying drive, crew at 100% and training camo/repair.

Absolutely murders the loltractors.

31-05-2011, 20:29:07
I have the SU-85 up to about 70% camo training. It really helps.

Switched to the 107mm on my KV. The 152 with HE is excellent and fun if you have time to reload, which you often do because of the make contact and hide habit. It's just wildly inaccurate in the open.

31-05-2011, 21:17:20
How is the KV - not planning on taking the TD line much higher 34K for the SU152 seems a little much - but have all the light tanks so could go to any russian research tree next

01-06-2011, 11:24:58
Slow, with a slow turret. Good at range, terrible if you run up against a medium/light in knife range with a clue. I've damaged much higher tier heavies from the side/rear with the 107, so that's pretty nice. Particularly nice with the often-crazy matchmaking.

06-07-2011, 13:10:17
slowly ground out an IS, it's going to take forever to upgrade the engine

06-07-2011, 21:07:53
got my IS and the T34 - now thats fun - once its maxed out. Just saving up for the auto loader on the 57mm but its flipping lethal.

Assuming you aren't the bottom tank on the match it chews through pretty much any armor you are likely to meet and its rate of fire is amazing. Its even relatively accurate on the move. Its almost like the 37mm autocannon but with penetration. It chews up those annoying luchs very quickly.

11-07-2011, 16:33:14
I seem to remember the 57 being an excellent AT gun in Combat Mission, too.

I bounced two 75mm shells off of a Priest from about 50 meters away yesterday. Should have used HE and aimed higher, or just rammed it.

Bought a VK 3001 P and was not impressed (maybe I need the 88 to appreciate it). It drives like an underpowered TD with bad stealth and a turret, the PzIII/IV seems to be a better medium. I still like my SU85 more than just about anything else, even the IS with fully upgraded 122 gun and engines.

11-07-2011, 19:17:09
Agreed Su85 is great to drive. Havn't played for a bit - got far enough to make sure I get the KV thing with the new patch and have gone back to Shogun TW for a bit.

T34-57 was in CMBB and was absolutely lethal - but cost a fortune if you had historic costs/rarity on. Was only in early war and murdered any German tank short of a tiger at the time. Might try and get in a round later if the school work gets done quicker than expected!

18-07-2011, 15:34:52
The VK 3002 DB is so much better than the 3001 Porsche it isn't funny. It's got a sloped turret, front hull, and side hull; and is much more zippy. You can actually turn in it.

26-07-2011, 14:07:13
Panther unlocked!

23-04-2012, 13:26:16
hooked again!

If I'm still hooked after vacation I may have to pay for premium again.

Also: French Tanks!

23-04-2012, 14:16:45
surrender tanks?

23-04-2012, 14:47:53
the joke has probably already been told, but the they go faster in reverse than most do driving forward

The UK had the Archer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archer_%28tank_destroyer%29) which was flipped around accidentally on purpose so it could strike and run away to a new hiding place.

Turned out the joke about French tanks actually works great for tank destroyers. :beer:

23-04-2012, 16:33:24
accidentally on purpose? :confused:

23-04-2012, 16:40:49
I think the goal was to keep it compact and more concealable (putting the gun on facing the rear - "backwards"), but it turned out to be awesome for shooting and speeding away.

Must be a family expression, mine uses it all the time - when something they've done unintentionally turns out to actually be a good thing.

Edit: it's just like a Bob Ross "happy accident", so that's what I should have said instead

23-04-2012, 20:24:00
still can't play. Client crashes at launch, tech support no help :(

23-04-2012, 21:59:59
My in house expert says delete the game and reinstall. Should fix it

24-04-2012, 00:53:01
Also disconnect and reconnect all your computer cables? :p

24-04-2012, 00:56:32
Nah, but what would it hurt?!

24-04-2012, 12:15:58

25-04-2012, 11:52:06
you can put camo paint jobs on your tanks!!!

you could even spend real money to make it permanent (it's cheap enough with ingame money I don't know why you would)

20-06-2012, 18:57:15
I have WoT working again.

Was trying to get AC revalations working and after much messing about with d3dx dlls managed to.

Then found I had also fixed my WoT glitch!

Not a bad day

20-06-2012, 19:40:51
I love my Chaffee. Currently learning the Easy 8.

Also: French tanks, yikes. Catch them reloading if you want to live.

19-11-2012, 16:42:02
British tanks introduced. I may have to go back and check things out.

19-11-2012, 19:26:01
havnt been on for a bit either - just ground my way to a SU152.Love the derp gun - if I'm drawn near the top of the heap its absolute murder on the lighter tanks. Something very satisfying about lobbing HE dustbins halfway across the map. Or just tracking everything in sight...

12-01-2015, 21:48:53
Achilles and Firefly now available in the British line! I'm going to go take a cold shower now.

Finn Willi (5)
12-01-2015, 23:38:38
Wow you're still playing this?

I don't envy you. Not at all.

13-01-2015, 17:38:42
I'm an on a month, off six player. Eventually I get frustrated by stupid teammates and need a break.

Imagine what they think of me!

Finn Willi (5)
13-01-2015, 22:11:44
Imagine they think!

13-01-2015, 23:05:06
I am, and I don't like what I see. Not one little bit. :eek:

C.G.B. Spender
10-02-2015, 16:12:54
Wot is so C64!

10-02-2015, 16:58:10
Rachel gave up Tanks. It's peaceful here now without her screaming at stupid teamamtes.

10-02-2015, 23:17:30
I got to my Firefly, but have a bit of a grind to get the big 17 pounder.

Was pleasantly surprised with the Valentine and am liking the AT2 when I can park it in bottlenecks and draw fire while my teammates crush everyone unmolested. It's like a mobile bunker.