View Full Version : A quick look at the Empire Earth demo

08-11-2001, 13:54:11
I downloaded this a couple of weeks back. I wanted to see if the creators did justice to the 3D engine. I'm not going to comment on the gameplay etc, but rest assured it's classic AoE stuff!

The problem with 3D in Empire Earth is that you'll only ever use it from overhead. Fine zooming in etc, but it's more than useless for trying to command archers and cavalry from ground level. And if you get in really close (and this shows in the cut scenes) the models are low polygon and low detail.

Even from far out the units look a bit too aliased. Turning on Anti-aliasing helps, but not everyone can afford a top of the line graphics card.

Despite my best attempts, I could not find a way to rotate the view point. Surely as this game is in 3D that should be a basic feature?

So great playing game. But why the 3D engine? Give me well drawn sprites any day!

Resource Consumer
08-11-2001, 14:00:24
So does it have any advantages of AoK in gameplay?

08-11-2001, 14:27:35
I'm not too sure on that. The demo only has two scenarios available so I couldnt get too into the gameplay, but on the surface it seems the same.

Resource Consumer
08-11-2001, 14:30:45
I'll save my money and stick with AoK then.

08-11-2001, 21:24:09
I think they said no POV rotation. Just zooming in.

I also played the demo. I think it was pretty good, but all in all just AOE graphically jacked up with more ages and more units.

09-11-2001, 21:48:47
That's a shame. I remember how stunned I was when Homeworld came out with its 360 degree rotation. Now that looked (and still does) amazing.