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15-03-2011, 12:29:54

for now, just to point out that with 10 to go in La Liga, Barça have already secured a spot in 2011/12 CL play-off round, at least!

75 Barça
70 Real

54 Valencia
51 Villarreal

43 Espanyol
42 Athletic Bilbao

31 points advantage over 5th place!!!
(and Real qualified for EL at least)

for comparison:

ManU have 12 over Tottenham, with 10 to play for Spurs
AC have 11 over Lazio with 9 to play
Borussia Dortmund have 16 over 4th Bayern Munich with 8 to play (could get it in 2 matches)
Lille have only 4pts advantage over OM & OL (tied 3rd-4th) with 11 to go

Shakhtar have 15 over 3rd Metalist with 9 to go (could get it in 2 matches)
PORTO 28 over Sporting with 7 to go (they secured it two matchdays ago when they kept 26 with 8 to go)
PSV 3 over 3rd Ajax with 7 to go
Fenerbahçe/Trabzonspor 7 over Bursaspor with 9 to go
Olympiacos 10 over 2nd Panathinaikos with 4 to go - league winner secures CL Group Stage spot, the 2nd access to CL (3rd preliminaries) will be disputed in a play-off between 2nd-5th ranked teams

15-03-2011, 13:25:44
That might even be a more extreme gap than the ridiculous 2 horse race in the Scottish Premiership.

15-03-2011, 13:26:09
1 Celtic 28 44 67
2 Rangers 27 36 65
3 Hearts 28 17 55
4 Kilmarnock 29 8 42
5 Dundee Utd 27 2 40

15-03-2011, 15:41:00
yeah, but this season Scotland only have one place in CL, so that's a really close fight between the two usual contenders for one prize only

15-03-2011, 16:32:36
Yeah, but people hold it up as an extreme, a league where two teams utterly dominate and no-one else has a chance of winning it.

These days the Real Barca league is arguably even worse.

Cort Haus
18-03-2011, 13:34:56
With Barcelona and Real Madrid taking most of the TV money in Spain, their league has indeed become about as interesting as Scotland's.