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28-02-2011, 12:36:12
A number of things, such as the earthquake in Canterbury, got me thinking about this year's Rugby World Cup and so I checked their website:


I always love checking out the qualifying scores as there's always a number of results that seem slightly surreal due to the nature of the relative strengths of the sport in the various countries:

Germany 0 - 53 Russia
Georgia 77 - 3 Germany
Germany 0 - 69 Portugal

I guess Germany are crap at rugby then...:cute:

Papua New Guinea 86 - 12 Vanuatu
Samoa 115 - 7 Papua New Guinea

Just as well they didn't let Samoa play Vanuatu...;)

Also enjoying the prospect of the Russia Vs USA match up in the group phase.

28-02-2011, 13:12:43
Yeah, unlike football, the differences between weak and strong countries internationally are huge. And there's very almost no scope for a weak team to cause an upset.