View Full Version : New online super-hero series starts in Splott

28-02-2011, 11:08:19
Yes, we are so classy we have an area in Cardiff called Splott... :D

Gotham, Metropolis, New York and ….. Splott?

That’s right, the Cardiff ward is about to become famous for being home to some of the newest super-heroes and fans can watch the first episode online.

The SplottDivision is an online sitcom that follows three superheroes coming to terms with redundancy.

Made by Trusty Sidekick Films, the Splott Division is directed by BAFTA Cymru winner David J Evans, written by former Royal Welsh College of

Music and Drama student Tim Howard, 25, and produced by 23 year-old Jonathan Ashton.

Tim and Jonathan also star in the series, and also managed to ensnare Skins’ Siwan Morris and the Indian Doctor’s Lee Mengo, who provided their acting services for free.

The episodes follow three characters – Aiden ‘The Hearing Aid’ (Howard), Jack ‘The Iceberg’ (Ash), and Mia ‘Superosmia’ (Hanna Jarman) – and how they cope with cuts to the Superhero League Council.

Jonathan explained that the team’s desire to write a sitcom flourished through adversity, much like their comic-book inspirations, after the UK Film Council was axed last summer.

He said: “I’m quite a big superhero fan, and over the summer more and more superhero films were coming out, and I also had the idea of making it an allegory for the Film Council axe. We took the story from what was happening around us.”

Using Splott as a base was an easy decision to make as the trio loved its multicultural and working class feel. Dave added: “Splott is the core of Cardiff and it’s still got the old Cardiff feel, with the steel works and the multicultural population, it’s becoming an interesting and vibrant area and has so many landmarks we can use.”

The team have already had excellent feedback online, after the trailer debuted in December, Tim said: “If we do make more there’s a possibility of branching out to other areas of the city. The feedback we’ve had so far has been amazing, we’ve had 3,800 hits in one day.”

Audience interaction is very important to the team, who have already run competitions online and may run a competition for fans to create a new Cardiff superhero. The team are hoping that if the online series is a success they will be able to make more episodes

Episode one is online, and episodes two and three will follow on March 21 and April 18 respectively. “We wanted the episodes to have the biggest impact, so we’ve stuck to slow news weeks and tried to avoid the Royal Wedding and Valentines Day, which would swamp the news feeds.”

You can keep up with the Splott Division on their Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/thesplottdivision)