View Full Version : Blueue Valentine

27-02-2011, 20:54:12
This movie is about a modern couple that comes from dysfunctional families, featuring the intensly shag-able williams and deals with a distorted obsession to give.
At least that's what the guy playing the husband looked like to me. Devoided of mother love and with a father he'd rather not have he epitomized family life as something worth giving all his strength to.
Albeit he remained a little child who just wants his lollipop and that's why williams dumped him. He also had a drinking problem.
He forewent the genetic imprint to perpetuate his DNA baptizing himself as a male mother teresa and that just won't do.

That quite desperate tempest building behind williams eyes was even more poignant by the fact that she did like a good cock every now and then like bees pursue flower blossoms or snails coming out after the rain. She was something so sad and so pron to male attraction.

All in all a carricature of family life where a pussy whipped little boy does not stand up to his genetic hereditary force of life but neither does he do anything else. Devoided of inspitation, ambition, any drive but to "be a good dad" but he's just another of the kids.

williams has all qualifications to be classified as a whore in that film, psychological justifications included, but anyway
the most forceful scene was the eventual break up but boohoo life goes on

I really liked it like I wish I hadn't.