View Full Version : I could be in hog heaven.

19-02-2011, 09:47:12
Some of you may remember I have a panache for meat based alcoholic beverages so you will no doubt not be surprised that I am interested in the products of The Butcher's Brewing Co.


They haven't started production yet and most of their proposed products are run of the mill sorts of beers but the owner recently was interviewed in a local magazine and he said he wanted to bring back the tradition of using meat and meat extracts in the brewing process. He also said he eventually wants to get into the distilling business where, in the 18th and 19th centuries, farmers would often add raw meat to aging liquor to "give it that old mellow flavor". This place sounds right up my ally.

The name is also a throw back to the owner's previous business making cured meats, salumi, and charcuterie. I was a huge fan of his various salumi's and cured & aged meats and local restaurants added it to their menus with gusto but the massive expense of trying to follow USDA inspection laws (which treat every artisan producer exactly like a giant corporate meat packer with the same regulatory costs) makes it almost impossible for small producers to survive. Another small guy gets crushed under the heels of big business but at least he is trying to come back with an interesting new business plan. :bouncmsk:

19-02-2011, 09:50:47
Honestly, there are already so many breweries in this city and in Southern California that I just don't see a new brewery surviving unless it makes something truly unique and excellent. I just don't see that many people wanting to try a beer or liquor which used raw meat in the production process nor do I think the final product will be cost effective. Even if 90% of their business is run of the mill generic beers and 10% of their beer some how uses meat products I just don't see them standing out in a crowded beer market. Still, I'll give them a try next summer when their specialty beers come out.