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20-11-2010, 14:38:42
"Anyone concerned that Samuel Eto'o is not the right player for Manchester City needs to familiarise themselves with one salient fact: the Cameroonian striker revealed in a Match! magazine interview that the Mill happened to read many moons ago (while looking for tips on how to wangle words like 'mega' and 'wicked' into articles while ensuring that said articles still feature more exclamation marks than words) that he is the proud owner of over 400 mobile phones. Now we ask you: who could be a more perfect flag-bearer for the new Manchester City than a man who buys over 400 mobile phones?

Does he have them all set to the same number? Surely not, for then calling him would risk triggering a sound explosion loud enough to deafen even Lemmy. So does he carry them all around with him at the same time, not knowing on which number he will receive a call? Improbable, because the mobility of mobile phones is not subject to synergy: quite the opposite, in fact, as the more you have the less mobile they collectively become which raises the question: how many mobile phones do you have to have before your phones become sedentary? Next time you dial a wrong number put that question to whoever answers because statistically, if you've missed your intended callee, you're more likely to have dialled Eto'o than anyone else."


Mr. Bas
20-11-2010, 21:53:51
Nice. :lol:

But why exactly are you reading transfer rumours of over a year ago?

22-11-2010, 08:45:54