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Walrus Feeder
08-10-2010, 22:23:50
Another film i've seen this week (that's 3 in 4 days) and probably the best. Tense crime thriller set in Boston centered around a 4 strong crime gang directed by and featuring Ben Affleck. Affleck himself plays Doug MacRay, the leader of a gang of highly professional bank robbers. Between heists of armoured cars and bank vaults we see Doug yearning for the a better life and focussing on trying to change direcetion in life. Actor Jeremy Renner (the lead in The Hurt Locker) plays his volatile and triggerhappy fellow thief.
I was impressed with Affleck's directorial debut Gone Baby Gone, and this film didn't disappoint. 8/10.

08-10-2010, 22:33:10
Yeah, this looks good. The Missus wanted to see Wall St instead.