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29-09-2010, 14:21:55
Puerto Rico is going to become a state.

Computers will save so much time, everyone will only have to work a couple of hours a day.

You have to learn metric because we're all converting to it.

29-09-2010, 16:03:40
Soon all bridges will be underwater.

29-09-2010, 16:46:28
Mine said that we will be the last generation to drive automobiles.

30-09-2010, 07:13:11
mine said, kid_G you are suspended

30-09-2010, 12:25:43
"imidazolium ions are LIFE!" - Plato Magriotis


30-09-2010, 13:56:27
You need to ride the short bus.

30-09-2010, 14:24:25
Quit picking your nose.

30-09-2010, 15:38:36
stop looking at me like that

30-09-2010, 19:32:06
My teacher said that his generation turned polyphonic greek into monophonic and that ours will turn all different vowels in the greek language into only iotas.

Ha. Fuck you we did not.

He stunk.

30-09-2010, 19:34:42
My other teacher said we are too lame to learn ancient greek so she showed us some slides of ancient greek text scarved in marble where words were not divided by spaces and said since you are incapable of learning ancient greek at least learn that.

Then another teacher came and we learned ancient greek (some more than others).

So fuck you too!

She stunk. (and wore torn clothes)

30-09-2010, 20:18:43
Greek teachers are great motivators.

30-09-2010, 21:25:35
So the moral of the story, if you have crap teachers, you do better!:clueless:

Greg W
01-10-2010, 02:05:28
My teachers told me that I should be so far ahead of all the other kids at school.

Not sure if I had bad BO or what...

Cheshire Cat
01-10-2010, 09:32:31
my teacher said that since I was far ahead of the class in Maths and Latin, I should NOT help my classmates to CHEAT in tests, but I should have rather helped them in learning...


01-10-2010, 13:40:48
my teacher said that fossils were god's way of testing our faith. they sent me to get my ears tested because i wasn't paying attention to anything that i found uninteresting. told me that that cracking your knuckles would lead to arthritis. sent a letter to my parents complaining that i was "too creative" and produced a school report that i was a bone idol time waster.

i think nowerdays there's a diagnosis for people like me.


01-10-2010, 13:44:16
college was a different kettle of fish. put someone like me in a studio or edit suite or in a situation where i can let loose and i'll work all the hours of the day. like i do now.

01-10-2010, 14:27:26
so, you didn't want to work, you wanted to bang on a drum all day?

01-10-2010, 15:06:49
that would be awesome! i'd do that for a living. I wish being a touring drummer actually involved playing the drums a lot.

at school i at least wanted the chance to study music or drama or film or art. never got a chance to do any of that. instead they tried to fill my head with covalent bonds and mitochondrea and which king followed which queen and maths. all utterly pointless.

now i absolutely relish working on music production for fifteen hours a day. i find it as fun as any computer game. this week i earned an obscene amount of money from activision and interscope just having fun in the studio all day long. more fun than touring anyway.

01-10-2010, 15:14:53
they tried to fill my head with covalent bonds and mitochondrea and which king followed which queen and maths. all utterly pointless.

:lol: ouch!

01-10-2010, 15:15:43
utterly pointless

that's a funny term

01-10-2010, 15:18:57
pointless for me as a logic-retard that is. i learned enough to kind of enjoy science and history in a vaguely-interested documentary-watching sort of a way but i'm wired up all wrong. in the words of nigel tuffnel, I'm not university material.

that said, when the band ends i'll probably do some sort of higher education now i'm more mature.

04-10-2010, 00:27:05
...a manned mission to mars will occur by the 1990s.

04-10-2010, 05:57:16
Stop talking and go sit down.

04-10-2010, 11:10:16
come back inside the classroom and close the window

04-10-2010, 12:59:14
the world's oil will run out by the year 2000.

04-10-2010, 13:07:07
A 20 minute rant about how annoying and disruptive Concorde flying overhead at 11:30am was to lessons every day.

I carefully never pointed out that it wasn't as disruptive as his rants about it.

04-10-2010, 16:14:16
Rants about how "gifted" and "remedial" students should not be given special treatment, but all placed in the same classroom. Crispy Commie.

I carefully never pointed out that all he ever did was sit and read the newspaper while we did work for other classes anyway.

04-10-2010, 16:20:16
Just make the gifted students teach the remedial students.

04-10-2010, 17:08:57
Greek teachers are great motivators.

Personally I understood completely the power of greek literrature when in a classroom (ok private school classroom) with some of the worse hell raisers.
A guy was given the assignement to read a small abscract of a narative of a famous writer. (it talked of sea men and their women's laments and prayers).
That guy just read, he wasn't a proffessional narator or anything. He just managed to read the work adequately.
The power of the writer's account was so powerful that the whole classroom of 30 or so pupils went into absolut silence.

Afterwards it was like waking out of a dream.

Our teacher, a very, lol, glass wearing, slim guy of philosophy and ancient greek litearrature, cleared his throat modestly and said respectfully while we were waking up with million colours and emotions in our minds, this is the power of litterature.

19-10-2010, 19:39:13
My teacher once said, "I'm going to tell you a story that you'll remember for the rest of your life." I forgot the story, but have remembered that I was supposed to remember it. I think it had something to do with oranges or maybe that was my lunch.

20-10-2010, 14:27:50
"Malocclusion" is a mean nickname.