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10-09-2010, 00:08:51
ts ts ts so drunk

10-09-2010, 00:24:26
My basic problem is that I don't like marquez. a hundrend years of solitude, or even pueblo his poetry, it's like a lizard on a rock. it IS just a lizard on a rock.
and I'm all for listening to rio de janeiro and whatnot but really there'sa juice of hope, in the balkans, in turkey, in asia minot, in western europe that is huge, how can one oversee it is above me.

but that's the fucking thing, it's chemistry, that you just shake hands and you can't let go and both feel it

11-09-2010, 17:50:55
As I have said in the past,'Friends don't let friends post while drunk.':gasmaske_eek: