View Full Version : Why is it that defending is so fucking difficult for British football as a whole!?

23-08-2010, 14:45:09
As far as I'm aware 3 premiership matches ended 6-0 in this gameweek? And England conceded 4 in the world cup, why can't the British defend?

23-08-2010, 15:29:53
Well the Wigan one you could have virtually remortgaged your house on the result being at least 5-0!!!:lol:

Blackpool getting tonked 6-0 was hardly massively surprising either, once they were down to 10 men.

Only the Villa drubbing was a surprise - but then the whole momentum of that game swung on Carew's missed penalty. Clearly the rest of the Villa team were so disgusted from missing such an easy opportunity to go one up that they threw the towel in...:cute:

23-08-2010, 15:34:44
This thread was just intended to point out how stupid your thread was. :beer:

23-08-2010, 15:42:50
My thread is brilliantly brilliant!:bounce:

Greg W
23-08-2010, 15:44:13
I would more say that strikers are only just now realising just how easy it is to score goals in open play. They'd been conned into thinking it was hard. :p