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20-08-2010, 10:42:58
I watched that on the PC screen and at midday so as to minimize its scary potential.
In the big screen it must have been more spooky.
I also saw the original ending not the theatrical one.
The original ending leaves you with a longing and a question the theatrical ending (I saw it later on) is in your face closure (better psychologically I suppose).

it was ok, it reminded me a bit of the film "noise" (I think that was the title) but without the paranoia of the latter.
This one was clear cut logical demonization very neatly packed.

I recommend paranormal activity to be watched at your big screen TV, after 11 at night, with ample sound, and you and your partner beneath a blanket.

That should bring you closer together (unless of course you shit yourself in which case it won't)

20-08-2010, 10:45:59
As a side note, I think the christian church made ancient pagan figures to look like demons in order to distance the pilgrims from the old religions. For example Pan looks very much like a demon not to mention Satyrus (who also had the sexual quality the church is a bit adverse on).

But I don't think demons were depicted anywhere in the holy scriptures and I think it was dande's inferno and after that, that eventually started the whole demonology thing.
I think it was an acquired taste... that happened later on? (in the years of christianity)

20-08-2010, 10:52:51

For someone who has watched it, I thought it was especially moronic that after the deamon had spelled out the name dianne on the ouji board, Micah net surfs, finds dianne and then says to the girl that "see, exorcisms don't always go as planned".
That was what the demon wanted him to find, it should have been obvious to be a bit sceptical of the demon's motives.

Also I was quite literally taken aback that there was no church/religion involved. I suppose if you're confronted with a demon you bring the whole damn congrigation of your neighboorhood's church and pull the strings with your grandmother to get the higher possible priest and you flood the house with crosses, icons, holy water, holy scripture books etc
aAnd you NEVER make it personal with the demon. (Christ compels you (not I))