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10-08-2010, 13:32:09
What are the best brands in your opinion?

As I gather western digital is one of the best?
What do you think about transcend though? It is a bit more affordable...

Also seagate, is it any good?

A last question, do most of them have the same functions? i.e. back up encrypt etc?

Can I bang them on my head and not lose data?

Seriously I'm thinking of buying and I wouldn't want to buy the worse one...

In price ranges it's WD, then transcent then seagate

(also there are other brands but I don't think they are worthy?)

Oh one last thing: I imagine there isn't any trouble for let's say a 500 gb which only takes power from a usb port?

Earlier a friend had given me a verbatim external hard drive to copy some things and it was awful, the connection was lost every 1 minute. Is that common?

thank you very much and may the lord grant you happiness and health to you and your loved ones.

10-08-2010, 14:16:07
I've had a 500gig Seagate for about 3yrs with no problems. It's doesn't tend to get moved very much so I don't know about the head banging thing, and it does have a separate power supply, but I think it's ok. It also has a good light that glows and fades like Knight Rider.

10-08-2010, 18:46:22
Alright thanks.
Btw I know realize why that verbatim one was on and off, I had conneted it with the cable for my camera which only had 1 usb. so there was no second usb to draw power from (doh)

Transcend are so cool looking and on sale


and then there is also a seagate on sale


this must be better but it's crap looking.

i'm between the two

11-08-2010, 15:33:16
Ok I did some more searching.
Everyone says WD is best (but expensive` 100 euros)

Transcend (that model) has a draw back: it takes 2 usbs. I know I said external HDs take two usbs but that is not the case with all apparently. There are those who take only one.
That is usefeul if you want to hook them up to a DVD player (where it most of the cases has only one usb port).

So back to the drawing board.

I think the seagate one has only one USB but it's ugly.
WD are rather nice looking. Not like transcend but close.

11-08-2010, 15:46:13
I got a 1Tb Seagate recently and think it looks nicer than the equivalent WD. But I only got it because it was on special offer at the time.


11-08-2010, 15:54:38
it's like a coffin. you'd a expect a miniature dracula to pop out of it any minute. but ok.
i imagine this one is a 3.5' and has external power supply?

11-08-2010, 15:56:14
yes and yes.

I suppose there are some people who might think that "it's like a coffin. you'd a expect a miniature dracula to pop out of it any minute" is not desirable. :confused:

11-08-2010, 15:57:26
touche' :)

12-08-2010, 16:35:18
I have two WD 3.5" external HDs, the MyBooks or whatever they call it. They're fine, just don't use the software, it's not very good.

I also have two 2.5" USB-powered external HDs. One by WD which has been fantastic, even surviving an accidental fall onto a concrete floor while unplugging mid-air.
The other one is a Seagate (which was a contest prize). I use it most of the time now and it's been reliable (I've had it for about a year). The Seagate software was worse than WD's (but they may have improved it over the last year).

I'd recommend using your own backup software. I use SyncBack which is free.

One last thing: connect external hard drives directly to the computer. Don't use those USB extension cables. They're fine for flash drives but they freak out external hard disks causing read/write errors and stuff.

13-08-2010, 13:33:18
Alright thank you.
I'm definitely oriented towards WD. 20 euros more but just to have my head at ease.
It'll be heavily loaded and travel a bit.
When I have the time I'll also load a crapload large internal harddrive as well. I hope I don't burn the PC while installing.
A final question (I know I'm busting your balls here),
I have a rather potent videocard that has to have two power supply cables attached. It is also big with 2 external fans so there is not much space. Hopefully another internal harddrive will fit.
However I don't have any free power supply cables from the pwoer supply box. They are all taken.
So my question is can I get another larger and more power power supply box? Or is it that higher voltage will not fit my PC?
I think it is ok to buy a larger more powerful one.
Also maybe I'll remove that 3'5 floppy disk unit, I have never used it don't know why I said to install it and put there the hard drive and use that powersupply cord.
Again thanks.

Immortal Wombat
19-08-2010, 22:39:42
I may be late to the party, but fwiw, WD MyBooks are the only external HDs I've had that broke. I've been through three and I still don't trust the bastard. It's by far the fragilest-seeming of the five models I have, and its power management is annoyingly autonomous.

For transporting I use a Freecom one that's built like a hotel room safe.

Decisions on which to get I base mostly on TB/.

20-08-2010, 11:52:15
I don't think I've ever seen a freecom one.
well trascnent is out of the question since it uses two usbs (and is propably extinct from selves by now).

So it's either a seagate or wd. hmmm

thank you for your contribution.

and another question,

can i plug the external HD directly to a usb outlet of a dvd player and start playing movies etc?

or does the DVD doesn't see it?

thanks again.
(still some tens of megabytes untill my internal drive fills up)