View Full Version : Favourite actors?

Calamarity Jane
03-08-2010, 15:49:57
Mine is Steven Seagull. What about you cephalopods?

03-08-2010, 15:52:08
Any octogenarian will do me.

Ugly Squid Joe
03-08-2010, 15:53:15
All the octopuses who played the facehuggers in the Alien series were very talented.

Squid Vicious
03-08-2010, 15:56:25
Squidney Poitier.

Ugly Squid Joe
03-08-2010, 15:56:49
Squid James

Calamarity Jane
03-08-2010, 16:05:16
And then there's Jean Claude Van Damme, the mussels from Brussels...he's such a dreamboat :love:

Squid Row
03-08-2010, 16:08:29
I thought it was spelled 'Clawed'...?:cute:

Squid Meier FIRAXIS
03-08-2010, 16:14:03
Personally I liked Clint Eastwood as The Outlaw Josey Whales.