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Greece has the internets?

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Greg W
22-07-2010, 01:56:15
Alright, probably a silly question then (seeing as I am a silly person)...

How many terrorist terrorist attacks has Greece suffered? Or how valid a target are they perceived to be for terrorists? I know that al-Qaeda (however the hell you spell it) has threatened the US, UK, Australia and possibly Canada as well? I also know there's lots of other terrorist groups and that Osama and his lot are only the latest flavour with the highest international profile.

But I have also never heard of any attacks in Greece, nor any threats to attack Greece. So I was just wondering how tangible a threat terrorism was in Greece. Or is this more about Greeks performing terrorist acts in Britain (which is what I assume the Nov 17 bit is about)?

22-07-2010, 13:04:28

Greg W
22-07-2010, 14:34:25
Sounds almost like a mix of the mob terrorists. Then again, maybe the mob were just another form of terrorist.