View Full Version : Predators

15-07-2010, 14:26:18
Really enjoyed this!


15-07-2010, 14:48:47
Is it to Predator what Aliens was to Alien?

15-07-2010, 14:57:35
That would be a fairly suitable analogy on some levels, though it's more like Predator Reloaded...

15-07-2010, 15:51:54
I had heard Robert Rodriguez described it thusly, I was wondering if it was accurate.

Walrus Feeder
20-07-2010, 22:45:08
I enjoyed this too. Was nearly put off by the first 10 minutes which felt more like Lost but liked it after that. Decent concept and some nice touches and surprises. And the minigun was back!

Nills Lagerbaak
30-07-2010, 07:57:05
Quite enjoyable didn't find myself getting bored. Interestingly I thought the first 10 minutes were the strongest, got a bit formulaic after that. Good nods to apocalypse now.

30-07-2010, 18:44:56
I didn't really like it. The characters were bland and lifeless. Comes no where close to the original.