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14-06-2010, 12:13:03
If all the the world cup pundits on BBC and ITV take up a challenge from Alan Hansen to 'put your medals on the table'. Who wins? Does Hansen still take it?

8 Championship, 3 European Cup, 2 FA Cup, 4 League Cup

Do you judge it purely on number of medals or does the quality matter?

I'd say Viera or Seedorf probably are the other contenders (Klinsmann has the international medals of Viera without the club medals.

Seedorf has an extra Euro cups on Hansen, and in more teams, but no international honours and 'only' 4 league titles although in multiple countries.

Viera has World and European titles with France, 6 (or 7?) league titles in Italy and England and quite a few other cups but no European Cup wins.

14-06-2010, 18:47:47
what international honours does Hansen have?

How about Zidane?

15-06-2010, 07:51:42
He's not one of our pundits.

And yes, no international medals for Hansen, he played for Scotland. :D


Gary Lineker, Alan Hansen, Alan Shearer, Lee Dixon, Gordon Strachan, Jurgen Klinsmann, Clarence Seedorf, Emmanuel Adebayor


Marcel Desailly, Patrick Vieira, Edgar Davids, Jim Beglin, Kevin Keegan, Gareth Southgate, Andy Townsend, Lucas Radebe, Robbie Earle and Craig Burley


Francois Pienaar - the rugby player.

15-06-2010, 08:26:30
Viera has World and European titles with France,

6 (or 7?) league titles in Italy and England

and quite a few other cups but no European Cup wins.
http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lista_dei_calciatori_plurivincitori_del_campionato _italiano
in Italy, he got officially 4
95-96 AC Milan (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serie_A_1995-1996), teenager, partial season, benchsitter, only plays 2 matches
*05-06 Juventus, title immediately stripped and awarded in the court to Inter, following the scandal
06-09 after the judicial relegation, Juventus had to sell their top players in part to make up for the cash they would not earn next seasons, in part because top players wouldn't play in 2nd division. Zambrotta & Thuram went to to Barça, Cannavaro & Emerson went to Real with Capello, Ibra & Vieira went to Inter, where they'd take part in the club 3-years free-ride in a Serie A devoid of any serious opposition except maybe AS Roma.
While Ibra was tho key and terminal of a one-man-squad style of play, Patrick got plagued by injuries and didn't play more than 20 league games in each of his 3 title-winning seasons at Internazionale

In England he got 3 titles in his 9 seasons at Arsenal, so indeed his total is 7, plus one stripped

15-06-2010, 13:57:50
Oh dear Robbie.


15-06-2010, 14:00:47
Just wait till Giggsy becomes a pundit - though this year was a bit of a barren year!

15-06-2010, 14:10:56
He's fairly comparable with hansen

15-06-2010, 14:35:46
Oh dear Robbie.



You could have a less atractive destination for your tickets. A friend of mine is marketing manager at Heineken (one of the main Holland sponsors), but even he admits it's a pretty damn good marketing campaign by Bavaria.

15-06-2010, 14:52:30
I agree, wouldn't mind being ambushed

back to the original point, the number of medals certainly doesn't guarantee the quality of your comments; most of the former french players of 98 are idiots (that includes exports like Desailly who thinks so highly of himself he makes alain delon looks like Mr Humility / but also Lizarazu, Pires, Dugarry, Petit, Leboeuf who all found employements with the local tvs and sprout nonsense after nonsense, if only because they have mates to defend and perceived ennemies to attack) while the 2 best (by far) commentators are former footy managers who won very little (angel marcos and raynald denoueix)... about whom we hear little of course, since they never indulge in crowd pleasing bullshit

15-06-2010, 14:55:39
Oh I certainly agree with that. But as a comeback to someone talking crap it's not bad.

15-06-2010, 15:03:29
I can't believe Edgar Davids is a pundit. Does he even speak coherent english?

15-06-2010, 15:08:21

15-06-2010, 15:23:16
.. Desailly who thinks so highly of himself he makes alain delon looks like Mr Humility ..


15-06-2010, 19:21:06

barely means excellent isn't it?

15-06-2010, 20:20:50
Viera is actually pretty good