View Full Version : GREEN MAN FESTIVAL

23-05-2010, 22:54:30

I'm off to this in August. Anyone got tips for the more obscure end of the line-up?

I intend to give the likes of Flaming Lips and Billy Bragg a miss. Already a fan of Fuck Buttons and to a lesser extent, Beirut. Have been checking some of the others out today and warming to Besnard Lakes, Neon Indian, Je suis Animal and Voice of Seven Thunders. Jury still out for me on those First Aid Kit girls.

27-05-2010, 19:22:16
I came to the wrong place

27-05-2010, 19:27:09
Seems you did. For what it's worth I think Cass McCombs is a pretty good singer songwriter. Not so keen on his newest album (bit too polished for me), but his earlier stuff, particularly the album "A" I like a lot.

27-05-2010, 22:54:38
thanks. not familiar but I will look into it.