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19-05-2010, 02:57:26
If I played games and I had the hardware, I would go for this one.
What do you ratty Euro-freaks think?

19-05-2010, 07:45:27
I really like the idea. If I spent more time playing games I'd probably get it.

19-05-2010, 10:40:42
I will probably get it.

19-05-2010, 13:32:56
First 15 mins in HD.


19-05-2010, 15:46:34
Awesome graphics and storytelling/atmosphere, I hope the pace gets up a lil bit tho, it didn't happen much in those 15 mins.. looks more like a movie than a game.

19-05-2010, 16:08:49
Eurogamer's review covers that to some extent:


19-05-2010, 16:57:41

I like the look of it, but the trailer has almost a spoof western feel. I keep waiting for Mel Brooks.

19-05-2010, 18:57:51
Not Mel Brooks, but Sam Peckinpah, imho.

11-06-2010, 14:24:20
Got it for XBox, rejected I'm afraid. Really enjoyed a few minutes of movie-type suspense, within my twoish hours of firstplay, but the initial stages feature an unsightly white ring round your insignificantly small targets, which kill you asapquick, and many many disconnections from other players, many more, perhaps a gazillion percent more than I suffer with other games. Now I'm usually a first person shooter man rather than a third person, also I have not the patience to learn all the twiddly bits of controls and how to interact in the universe with everything, but that said it still failed for me in those areas. Also I think they didn't really go big budget on the musicians or the score writers...Environment was otherwise great though.

11-06-2010, 14:34:27
It's overrated. Was okay but repetitive. Was actually wishing it would end soon.


There's an epic and intense level which seems like it should be the end of the game. Massive fight, story wrapping up, villain avenged, etc.

And then there's about 3 hours of cattle herding and horse breaking...WTF...and then there's a decent fight to end the game. They should've ended it far earlier.

Also a lot of annoying bugs/design issues. I'd accept a mission from some old lady in the middle of nowhere, turn my horse around to leave...and it tramples her and kills her. QUEST FAILED.
Or I stand next to an NPC giving me a mission...there's a cutscene with lots of dialog, it then resumes gameplay with me standing right next to a horse. The on-screen hint says "Mount your horse", so I mount the horse I'm standing next to (I WAS standing next to my own horse when the cutscene started, but it moved me). Turns out this horse was the NPC's. Turns out the NPC thought I was stealing it, so he shot me dead. QUEST FAILED.
Riding around in the countryside I saw a gun battle going on. 2 guys shooting at 3 guys. It's impossible to tell who is who (who is a sheriff and who is a bandit) unless you get up real close. If you get up real close, the bandits shoot and kill you. So you need to guess which ones to shoot...I almost always shot the sheriffs by accident, which gave me negative honour and put a fucking bounty on my head.

I'd say 7/10 for the game.

11-06-2010, 16:45:05
Excellent review :beer:

I played it briefly last night with a friend of mine and had the same impressions.

13-06-2010, 06:33:43
Awesome graphics and storytelling/atmosphereSo, where's the game?

19-05-2011, 22:00:49
L.A. Noire is plastered every where. Did any of you nobs play Red Dead Redemption? Well, the reviews of L.A.N. are pretty awesome.

20-05-2011, 14:19:27
I dunno about LAN, did they represent the post-wwii years as you remember them?

05-06-2011, 18:00:21
I dunno about LAN, did they represent the post-wwii years as you remember them?

That is hard to say since I died during Operation Anvil. :(

06-06-2011, 12:37:39
I started a thread about LA Noire. It's very good. A bit slow, and a bit linear would be the main criticisms, but it's so atmospheric I think it makes up for it. 9/10