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Started out as a copycat but then look what google turned up

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First Landing
by Derek

Now sit right back
and you'll hear a tale,
a tale of a fateful trip,
that started on this dying world
aboard the Unity ship!
The mate was a Chinese dictator,
the Captain died real quick,
though no one knows who offed the dude,
they did it really slick.

The reactor started blowing up,
the tiny ship was tossed,
if not for the efforts of the engineers,
the mission would be lost.

The pods wound up on the surface
of this crazy alien world,

with Zahkarov,
the Gaian too,
the CEO,
and despot,
the survivalist,
and Miriam



Escape Pod Rhapsody (to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody)
By josebueno
For the musical version, try http://members.aol.com/josebueno/alphacentauri.html

Is this the real Planet?
Is this just fantasy?
Piloting an escape pod
No escape from reality
Open your eyes,
look down at the sky and see
I'm just a poor Gaian,
I need no sympathy
'Cause its easy plant, easy grow
Formers high, formers low
Any way the wind blows,
(I got the Paradigm)
So there!

Someone just killed the Cap
Put a shredder to his head
Pulled the trigger now he's dead
Planet, our troubles just begun
Cap'n loosed the pods as he was blown away
Planet, oooh
Didn't mean to make you cry
If I don't land this pod this time tomorrow,
carry on, carry on.
as if nothing ever happened

Too late, the thruster burn
Send shivers through the ship
All the crew is losing grip
Hold on, everybody,
I've got to crash
Gotta land this thing
and somehow save the crew
Planet, oooh (any way the wind blows)
I don't wanna die,
I sometimes wish that they'd installed an air bag

I see a little silhouetto of a creepy thing
Oh mindworm, oh mindworm please get out of my head
Planetary lightning, very very frightening me
Lady Deirdre, Lady Deirdre
Lady Deirdre, Lady Deirdre
Lady Deirdre, figaro! Magnifico!
But I'm just a poor Gaian nobody loves me
He's just a poor Gaian from a poor children's crèche
Spare him his life from this monstrosity!
Easy plant, easy grow, will you let me go
Xenofungus! We will not let you go!
Let him go!
Xenofungus! We will not let you go!
Let him go!
Will not let you go,
Let him go!
Will not let you go,
Let him go!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Mama Gaia, Mama Gaia,
Mama Gaia let me go
The punishment sphere has a section cordoned off for me, for meeeee

So you think you invade me and leave though my eye?
So you think you can infest me and leave me to die?
Oh mindworm,
can't do this to me mindworm
Just gotta get out, just gotta get out of my head!

Nothing's really matter,
anyone can see
nothing's really matter,
nothing's really matter,
but me...


Oh Mind Worm Boil
By Zeratul
(to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree")

Oh mind worm boil
Oh mind worm boil
You like to terrorize me.
Oh mind worm boil
Oh mind worm boil
You make want to flee.
Your psi attack makes me freeze.
Then I get thrown to my knees.
Oh mind worm boil
Oh mind worm boil
I wish I'd never met you.

Oh mind worm boil
Oh mind worm boil
I try to run out the door.
Oh mind worm boil
Oh mind worm boil
I get thrown to the floor.
But now my planet rating's three.
And you'll be running 'way from me.
Oh mind worm boil
Oh mind worm boil
You're part of my army.


Mindworm on the range (to the tune of Home on the Range)
By Charybidis

"Mindworm, mindworm on the range
Where the locusts and Isle deeps play
Where seldom is heard
A discouraging world
Unless Miram's folks are at play

Mindworm, mindworm on the range
Where the Gaians plant farms all day
Where the fusion tanks roam
And the Formers dig loam
And the artillery thunders away

Mindworm, mindworm on the range
Where the planet busters are in force
When where once was a town
Is a place you can drown
And the drones are now driving a hearse

Mindworm, mindworm on the range
Where strangely voiced people call out
From transcendence's gate
A leader that you can berate
And a commlink that just bears a shout

Mindworm, mindworm on the range
When all is said and done
All over the world
Lie dead machinery spurned
All underneath Chiron's sun

Mindworm, mindworm on the range
And to think that it started so well
OK, there was death
And no time for a breath
But it needn't have ended up hell.

Mindworm, mindworm on the range
For the factions have burnt themselves gone
All that remains now
Are some worms that devour
For the people of Earth have now gone"


The Citizen's Defense Force Song
By Charybidis (to the tune of "Fever")

Never know how much we hate you
Never knowing where you'll turn
When you break through our defences
It's an attack that's really hard to turn
We get this terror that's so hard to bear

Everybody's - got a flame gun
Everybody's - trained to kill 'em
The mindworms that come in at the night
The mindworms that come in at the night.

Mindworm! In the morning,
Mindworm which comes in to bite
Through our - corridors
Squirming all through the night

Everybody's - got a flame gun
Everybody's trained to kill 'em
What a lovely way to burn (sizzzle)
What a lovely way to burn (sigh)


Deirdre had a little lamb (to the tune of "Mary had a little lamb")
By Charybidis

Deidre had a little lamb
Its fleece was white as snow
And everywhere that Miriam went
The lamb was sure to go
For Deidre knew of Miriam's plight
Her allergy to all
And why after she joined the church
Left on the Unity flight

In space you see there are no germs
Nor is there much dust
In short ideal for Miriam's nose
Although tissues are a must.

The others meanwhile knew that they
Were helped by this condition
For this the religious nutcase had
To begin her own Perdition

And so on Chiron's dusty plains
With such a disadvantage
The field is wide for other minds
To claim their jurisdiction

To compensate, the redheaded one
in spite of protestation
Had to declare Vendetta on
Every single other nation.

And that is why, in every game
(At least, with game skills willing)
The Believer race is sent back to space
'Cause they're always ripe for killing

So remember this, the moral true
For I shall not be repeating
Don't go to space to save our race
Unless you pack some Kleenex.

Cheshire Cat
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LOL, I think to recall that back in ACOL they were already joking about:

"Wild Boils" by Drone Drone

Billy Morgan, leader of the SMACing Pumpkins


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the GoG.com version of SMAC now includes Alien Crossfire

but no songs!