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26-04-2010, 15:04:29
Premiership ha a thread of its own


let's see the other 4 major european leagues title, CL and EL races

26-04-2010, 15:06:15
64 64
MD Bayern Schalke
33 v Bochm v Werdr
34 @ Herta @ Mainz

3rd CLQ 4th EL 5th EL 6th EL*
57 57 56 53 48
MD Werder° Bayer L B.Dortm Stuttg Hamb.SV*
33 @ Schlk v Herta v Wolfs v Mainz v Nürnb
34 v HSV @ Bor.M @ Freib @ Hoffn @ Werdr

3 berths to CL (2 to Group, 1 to Qualifying)
3 berths to EL
ties resolved by GD

°Bayern München - Werder Bremen will contend German Cup on May 15, after league completion
*Hamburger SV are still in contention to win EL (semifinal @ Fulham this Thursday, 1st leg 0-0)

Bayern had a pause in Mönchengladbach and are now equal on pts with Schalke, but Bavarians have a better GD by 13 goals
Schalke opponents look stronger, albeit Bochum and Hertha both fight to avoid relagations, Berliners being rather desperate (if they don't win first in Leverkusen, they'd be already relegated when they'll play last match host to Bayern)

HSV could still take 6th place from Stuttgart, snatching last EL berth
*Failing that, should they Win EL, last EL berth would go to them as Cup Holders and not to 6th place

Werder can't get below 6th place even with 2 defeats (not impossible, the trailing trio have much easier matches)
° As they're German Cup finalist, either way 6th ranked team will go to EL, except in * case

* & °
Stuttgart could get to 59
Leverkusen & Dortmund could achieve the same, or better
should Werder get 6th, *AND* Hamburg win EL (getting 7th or worse in the table) both would gain EL berth via Cup achievements, and only 4th team in the table would gain EL access thru Bundesliga ranking, the 5th one staying home

26-04-2010, 15:08:12
1st CLG 2nd CLG 3rd CLQ 4th EL 5th EL 6th ---
71 66 61 60 59 57 53 52 49
MD OMarsl Auxerre Lille Montpel OLyon* Brdeaux Lorient Rennes Monaco°
Apr28 * - - - - - @ Valen - - v LMans
Apr30 35 @ Auxer v OMars May02 v Nancy v OLyon @ Montp v Tlous @ Valen v Sochx -
May05 36 v Renne @ OLyon @ Tlous @ Sochx v Auxer @ Nice v Mnaco @ OMars @ Lornt
May08 37 @ Lille v Lens v OMars v Lornt @ Valen v Sochx @ Montp v Nice v Nancy
May12 34 - - - - v Mnaco - - - @ OLyon
May15 38 v Grnbl @ Sochx @ Lornt @ PSG v LMans @ Lens v Lille @ Blgne @ Tlous

3 berths to CL (2 to Group, 1 to Qualifying)
3 berths to EL (2 from league ranking, 1 most likely from Coupe de France)
ties resolved by GD

° Monaco & PSG (10th with 46pts) will contend French Cup on May 1st
* Olympique Lyonnais are still in contention to win CL (semifinal v Bayern tomorrow, 1st leg they lost 0-1 in Münich)

Lyon, Bordeaux & Monaco all have one more game in hand
in pure theory, Lyon could get to to 74, Lille to 73, Montpellier and Bordeuax to 72 (not all at the same time)
OM will have indeed to visit Auxerre & Lille, and could slip in Rennes, but honeslty they should *at least* get to 74 beating already relegated Grenoble on last match
A lot would be unveiled this Friday when they anticipate the match at home of runner-up Auxerre.
Either Auxerre will close in and keep title race open, or they'll have to watch their back to guard their 2nd place direct CL Group access.

* Should Lyon (unexpectedly) win CL, they'd get in CL Groups as holders
2nd place in Ligue 1 would thus just give access to CL Qualifying, 3rd & 4th EL access, which 5th place would lose (unless O.Lyon themselves get also 4th or better)

° Monaco could in pure theory get to 64 pts
if not 3rd place, they might "dream" to get 5th, so they could get the same to EL should they even lose Cup to PSG.
Should they both win French Cup AND by miracle get 5th too, ONLY in such case would 6th place open up EL access

26-04-2010, 15:10:49
87 86
MD Barça RealM
May02 35 @ Villr v Osasn
May05 36 v Tener @ Mallr
May09 37 @ Sevil v ABilb
May16 38 v Valld @ Malag

3rd CLG 4th CLQ 5th EL 6th EL 7th EL*
62 56 54 52 50 50 44 43 41
MD Valencia Mallorca Sevilla° Villar Getafe AthBilb DeporLC Atl.M*° Espanyol
May02 35 @ Espan @ ABilb v AMadr v Barça @ Valld v Mallr v Zarag @ Sevil v Valen
May05 36 v Xerez v RealM @ Sntdr @ Almer v Gijón v Malag @ Osasn v Valld @ Zarag
May09 37 @ Villr @ Depor v Barça v Valen v Malag @ RealM v Mallr @ Gijón v Osasn
May16 38 v Tener v Espan @ Almer @ Zarag @ AMadr v Depor @ ABilb v Getaf @ Mallr

4 berths to CL (3 to Group, 1 to Qualifying)
3 berths to EL (2 from league ranking, 1 possibly from Copa del Rey)
ties resoved by head-to-head records

* ° Club Atlético de Madrid is both still in contention to win EL (thursday @ Anfield, they won 1st leg at home 1-0), AND will contend Spanish Cup final to Sevilla on May 13 or 19 (depending whether they get to EL final)
they incidentally also have to play in Sevilla this sunday in the league

I didn't list Osasuna & Almeria with 38pts, as tonite Athletic Bilbao match could raise 7th place bar to 52, and theyr're both in any case mucho closer to relegation than to EL

Barça have beaten Real twice, so galacticos must effectively overtake catalans, in case of a tie the title goes to Barça

Valencia is now 6pts clear from 4th palce, and 8 ahead 5th
Their CL Groups qualification looks pretty safe
Mallorca also have a harder run-in and should be struggling to defend last CL berth from Sevilla

Should Sevilla get 4th (or better), Atlético Madrid would in any case get to EL as losing Copa finalist. Should Sevilla only qualify for EL, I'm not sure whether their EL berth goes the same to losing finalist or to 7th place.

Should Atlético get 8th and gain EL via either Cup, 7th place won't go to EL

Should BOTH Sevilla get 7th and win the Copa, while Atlético get 8th or lower and win EL, 6th place won't go to EL neither

for weighing other above opponents, consider that Tenerife, Valladolid, Zaragoza & Malaga are all closely fighting to avoid 2 relegation places

"tonite [yesterday] Athletic Bilbao match could raise 7th place bar to 52"
goalless draw yesterday in Pamplona, Bilbo gets equal at 50 with Getafe, but stays currently in 8th place due to worse h2h records

"Should Sevilla only qualify for EL, I'm not sure whether their EL berth goes the same to losing finalist or to 7th place."
I wrote to Bert Kassies, who in just 3 hours replied:
The [Losing] Cup finalist [LC] only qualifies if the Cup Winner [CW] qualifies for the Champions League.
In all other cases the Cup Winner takes the highest Europa League spot, and the other places are taken based on the domestic league.

If Sevilla get 4th (or 3rd) Atlético Madrid gets in EL in any case, regardless of Copa result, either as CW or LC.
5th and 6th Liga rank fill in the 2 remaining EL berths

If Sevilla get 5th or 6th Atlético Madrid gets in EL only if they win the Copa, otherwise the last EL berth goes to 7th place
(I don't repeat here what said above about AtM getting 7th or winning EL)

"they incidentally also have to play in Sevilla this sunday in the league"
LOL, maybe then, at the light of the above considerations, Atlético best interest would be to LOSE Sunday in Sevilla!

26-04-2010, 15:15:43
73 71
MD Inter Roma
36 @ Lazio @ Parma
37 v Chiev v Caglr
38 @ Siena @ Chiev

3rd CLG 4th CLQ 5th EL 6th EL 7th EL
64 60 58 54 53 48 46 46 44
MD AC Milan Samp Palermo Juve Napoli Genoa Parma Fiore Chievo
36 v Fiore v Livor @ Siena @ Catan @ Chiev @ Bari v Roma @ Milan v Naple
37 @ Genoa @ Palrm v Samp v Parma v Atala v Milan @ Juve v Siena @ Inter
38 v Juve v Naple @ Atala @ Milan @ Samp @ Catan v Livor @ Bari v Roma

18th 19th
42 42 40 40 39 34 30
MD Udinese CagliariCatania Lazio Bologna Atalanta Siena
36 @ Caglr v Udine v Juve v Inter @ Atala v Bolog v Palrm
37 v Bari @ Roma @ Bolog @ Livor v Catan @ Naple @ Fiore
38 @ Lazio v Bolog v Genoa v Udine @ Caglr v Palrm v Inter

4 berths to CL (3 to Groups, 1 to Qualifying)
3 berths to EL (3 from league ranking°)
ties resoved by head-to-head records

° Roma & Inter, already assured of their CL Groups spot, will contend Coppa Italia on May 5 in Rome
* Inter eventually winning CL won't alter EL berths attribution

Roma won at home and drew with Inter in Milan, so after slipping 2pts behind again, they just need to tie Inter to win Scudetto
AC lost both derbies, so even if by bendig spacetime they get equal first, they're mathematically out of title race

figuring Roma need to win all 3 anyway, just one draw by Inter could lift roman hopes again
a faint chance for this to happen could be sunday evening in the capital (Lazio is the other Roma club, named after the region)
Lazio has unexpectedly taken Italian Supercup from juggernaut Inter at the beginning of the season, but now they're moderately safe from relegation and won't probably make their biggest effor to stop Inter

AC are in free fall, having gathered only 6pts in last 7 matches
they were 1pt behind Inter, failed to overtake them, and now they're out
their 3rd place is at risk after losing last two matches away to Sampdoria and Palermo, the same clubs now chasing AC at -4 and -6 respectively
AC have also probably the most difficult 3 games left, albeit Palermo v Sampdoria on MD 37 will force the chasers to split the points
The two might end with 67 & 66 (or 67 & 65, or 69 & 64). AC would win a tie with Genua-based Sampdoria, but would lose a tie vs the sicilians who had beaten them in S.Siro too

Genoa after a good start are now 5pts behind EL, they might hope in slips by Juve & Naples, both a bit in disarray in this end of season. I guess they'd better watch their back from Genoa rather than eyeing Sampdoria's 4th spot

Parma & Fiorentina are possibily in worse form than even Juve, yet they're both 7pts behind EL. I listed them as long as their residual chances might play a role when they'll face Roma, AC, or Juve.

Chievo is a minnow who sohuld be content of being safe in mid-table.
actually in pure theory they could still tie Naples for last EL spot. They had lost 2-0 in Naples in december, so they have to equal that score, or win by 3 this sunday. Should this miracle happen, they might attempt some interference in the title race, as you see they visit Inter and play host to Roma in last two matches.

For more or less the same reason I listed relegation battle too
Atalanta looks rather desperate, but should they beat bologna Sunday, they might find unhoped for motivations, and disturb Naples and Palermo's goals. And at the same time they might keep under pressure teams at 40 pts (that's why Lazio might just not afford to rollover vs Inter)

Even Siena Might dream to tie Bologna at 39, in such case Siena would be ahead in the tie (and Inter will have to play last match in Siena)

27-04-2010, 12:01:55
^see Spain updates^

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1st CLG 2nd CLG 3rd CLQ 4th EL 5th EL 6th ---
71 66 61 60 59 57 53 52 50
MD OMarsl Auxerre Lille Montpel OLyon Brdeaux Lorient Rennes Monaco°
Apr28 30 - - - - - @ Valen - - -
Apr30 35 @ Auxer v OMars May02 v Nancy v OLyon @ Montp v Tlous @ Valen v Sochx -
May05 36 v Renne @ OLyon @ Tlous @ Sochx v Auxer @ Nice v Mnaco @ OMars @ Lornt
May08 37 @ Lille v Lens v OMars v Lornt @ Valen v Sochx @ Montp v Nice v Nancy
May12 34 - - - - v Mnaco - - - @ OLyon
May15 38 v Grnbl @ Sochx @ Lornt @ PSG v LMans @ Lens v Lille @ Blgne @ Tlous

Monaco & PSG anticipated yesterday their league matches, as they'll play Cup final on Saturday
They must have been thinking to that final already, as PSG lost @ relegated Grenoble, while Monaco just drew with Le Mans, almost relegated too
with just 4 games left like anybody else, Monaco can now get at best to 62pts, which realistically won't be enough to get 5th
so both teams have Coupe de France as their only chance to get in EL

Lyon got out of CL as expected (possibily even in a worse way than expected), so they can't "steal" a regular europe berth anymore
OL must cling to their 5th place for EL (Bordeaux could overtake them by winning their game in hand in Valenciennes tonite),
and fight to get to 3rd to hope playing in CL again (beginning sunday in Montpellier who are 4th 1pt ahead OL)

29-04-2010, 08:49:06
1st CLG 2nd CLG 3rd CLQ 4th EL 5th EL 6th ---
71 66 61 60 59 57 53 52 50
MD OMarsl Auxerre Lille Montpel OLyon Brdeaux Lorient Rennes Monaco°
Apr30 35 @ Auxer v OMars May02 v Nancy v OLyon @ Montp v Tlous @ Valen v Sochx -
May05 36 v Renne @ OLyon @ Tlous @ Sochx v Auxer @ Nice v Mnaco @ OMars @ Lornt
May08 37 @ Lille v Lens v OMars v Lornt @ Valen v Sochx @ Montp v Nice v Nancy
May12 34 - - - - v Mnaco - - - @ OLyon
May15 38 v Grnbl @ Sochx @ Lornt @ PSG v LMans @ Lens v Lille @ Blgne @ Tlous

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Bordeaux lost 0-2 in Valenciennes!
Now the belgian-border side (50km from Lille) is 10th at 48, just 2pts behind Monaco.
In theory, they too could get at 60pts by winning all their remaining 4 (v Lorient, @PSG, v O.Lyon, @ Nancy)
but the above table is already bloated enough as it is
I'll add them next monday only if they beat Lorient too AND the 5th place bar will stay still at 59

30-04-2010, 09:27:26
quick update after yesterday EL semis

Atlético Madrid have now 4 ways to get in EL next season
- they get 7th in La Liga (lofty goal, they're currently 7pts behind with 4 to go)
- Sevilla get 4th (currently 2pts behind), AM get in EL as losing cup finalist in the worst case
- AM win the Copa del Rey
- AM win EL

Hamburg can't win EL anymore, so they can't "steal" that way the 6th place league berth from Stuttgart
Now they'd need to overtake Stuttgart in the league, which is unlikley as Stuttgart are 5pts ahead with 2 to go, and easier opponents too
Goodbye Hamburg, if Germany won't gain a CL berth next year it will be mainly your fault

should Fulham win EL cup over Atlético, they'd "steal" next season EL from 7th ranked club in EPL
Which is currently Liverpool, who failed to get tehmselves in that EL final, undone by Atético away goal
Should Liverpool stay 7th after last 2 EPL matches (which is very likely, they host Chelsea this sunday) we'd see a few englanders MASSIVELY SIDING AGAINST an english team in EL final

30-04-2010, 13:59:03

03-05-2010, 11:39:45

http://en.uefa.com/memberassociations/news/newsid=1481882.html#title+frontrunners+hold+their+ nerve

03-05-2010, 11:46:32
Schalke 04 lost it all at home vs Werder Bremen, who managed in turn to get 2 pts clear of the pack chasing for last CL berth (all 3 drew)
Now Schalke would not only need Bayern to lose in Berlin vs now relegated Hertha, but also to overcome a huge GD margin of 17

61 (+31) Werder v Hamburg

59 (+27) Bayer L. @ Borussia M.
57 (+14) Bor. Dortmund @ Freiburg (now safe from relegation)
54 (+10) Stuttgart @ Hoffenheim

51 (+15) Hamburg @ Werder

barring huge margins, Werder should be safe from a comeback by Dortmund, and a draw vs Hamburg should be enough to fend off Leverkusen, who'd need a 5-goal win in Mönchengladbach
OTOH Hamburg last hopes to get 6th lay with a victory in Bremen and with Stuttgart losing in Hoffenheim
Stuttgart on their part might still contend 5th place to Dortmund to avoid beginning EL qualificatiopn one round earlier, although Borussia losing with margin in Freiburg looks rather unlikely

Not relevant for europe, but Bochum, who lost yesterday in Bayern, still have good chances to avoid relegation by beating and overtaking Hannover (and sucking them back in it)
Hertha draw in Leverkusen was useless to avoid Berliners the drop, it only served to greatly reduce Aspirin's chances to contend CL qualification to Werder

03-05-2010, 11:50:04
no miracles happened
chievo needed a wide victory over Naples, they fought but succumbed instead in the end.
Their only motivation in Inter v Chievo and then Chievo v Roma will be pride.
chievo is a minnow, but one who might eventually slot in a surprise upset once in a while.

Siena lost as expected vs Palermo and now the're officially relegated.
They had been tough to beat in S.Siro in January, they won't be now much of an obstacle hosting Inter on last match.

76 74
MD Inter Roma
37 v Chiev v Caglr
38 @ Siena @ Chiev

Naples' victory, along with defeats by Genoa (unexpected), Parma & Fiorentina, opened up the ditch behind 7th, so the names of all teams qualified to europe are now set, they'll only fight to determine their relative ranking

3rd CLG 4th CLQ 5th EL4 6th EL4 7th EL3
67 63 61 56 55
MD ACMilan Samp Palermo Napoli Juve
37 @ Genoa @ Palrm v Samp v Atala v Parma
38 v Juve v Naple @ Atala @ Samp @ Milan

AC Milan is assured of 4th place at least, because Palermo & Sampdoria play each other next sunday, and they can't both overtake AC.
Genoa is a side capable of home highs and away lows, but they just come from chucking their season. Drawing there AC would be almost safe in 3rd place, only having to fear a double win by Samp first @Palermo and then vs Napoli.
Palermo have a chance to beat and overtake Sampdoria for last CL berth. The "1st leg" head to head ended 1-1 and sicilians have a better GD, thus even with a similar draw Sampdoria won't be safe yet: they'd still have to beat Napoli on last matchday, expecting Palermo will beat the probably relegated Atalanta.
Napoli retain a slim hope to take instead 5th place from Palermo but they'd need to win both and the sicilans to lose both as well. Besides, there's no difference at all by getting 5th or 6th.
There might be some fight instead between Napoli and Juve to avoid 7th place, which forces to start EL qualifications one round earlier. Naples is ahead on records, so Juve (who definitely gave away their chances to get 4th place by failing to win in Catania) effectively need to overtake Naples on points, and last matches being AC v Juve and Samp v Napoli they migh bear an impact on ranking for both duels.

41 40 40 35
MD Catania Lazio Bologna Atalanta
37 @ Bolog @ Livor v Catan @ Naple
38 v Genoa v Udine @ Caglr v Palrm

In the back, Atalanta threw away in the last minutes a victory to bolster thier hopes.
They'd be ahead in ties with Bologna & Lazio, they'd be equal with Catania but 11 goals behind them on difference.
3-way ties at 41pts Lazio-Atalanta-Bologna or Catania-Atalanta-Lazio would be resolved as listed, with Atalanta safe in all cases.
But this would mean they have first of all to win both their matches, first @Napoli then v Sapmdoria, after having just failed to beat direct relegation rival Bologna at home...
I only report that to show how they could eventually still play a marginal role in the 3rd-6th place battle

03-05-2010, 11:54:59
with 9 points still at stake (12 for Lyon v Monaco who have this game in hand), the situation is open to several possible outcomes
Auxerre didn't manage to beat leaders OM, who forced them to a goalless home draw
both have a rather difficult away game and a very easy home one
shouldn't Auxerre win wednesday in Lyon, OM title would be pretty much sealed

although *in theory* Marseille could still slip in 4th place and lose CL:
in case Lille & Lyon win all theirs, and Auxerre the remaining 2, they'd get at 74 Lyon, 73 Lille & Auxerre...

1st CLG 2nd CLG 3rd CLQ 4th EL4 5th EL3 6th ---
72 67 64 62 60 60 54 52 50
MD OMarsll Auxerre Lille O.Lyon Bordeaux Montpel Lorient Rennes Monaco
May05 36 v Renne @ OLyon @ Tlous v Auxer @ Nice @ Sochx v Mnaco @ OMars @ Lornt
May08 37 @ Lille v Lens v OMars @ Valen v Sochx v Lornt @ Montp v Nice v Nancy
May12 34 - - - v Mnaco - - - - @ OLyon
May15 38 v Grnbl @ Sochx @ Lornt v LMans @ Lens @ PSG v Lille @ Blgne @ Tlous

Auxerre should rather watch their back than aim at the title, but honestly they're not in immediate danger of losing CL either
The race to get 3rd and to avoid 6th is still on fire, with Bordeaux having now officially relinquished their title, but awaiting probably the easiest run-in of the lot
Montpellier would be probably the one left off, after topping the table only a feew weeks ago
The two Briton clubs Lorient and Rennes only harbor slim hopes
Rennes should begin by winning in Marseille or they're out (and that's what makes OM title not easily sealed yet)
Lorient "Merlus" (= cods / hakes) will have to face 3 direct contenders. Their run-in is the toughest, and should they even be succesful they'll probably still end 6th behind the two CL quarterfinalists.
The same should stand for Monaco. They lost in extra-time the Coupe de France and left the EL berth to PSG.
Even should they now win their game in hand in Lyon, and the remaining 3, they'd get at best at 62, and it's frankly hard to imagine that both OL and bordeaux won't get at least at 63 leaving Monaco out of 5th place

03-05-2010, 12:03:23
all first 5 teams won, follwing 7 lost (with the exception of Getafe drawing @ 2nd-to-last Valladolid)
this opened up a bit the gap behind 5th place
remarkable win by Mallorca in Bilbao, whit the effect of still keeping Sevilla off 4th place, and preventing basques to barge in at 6th place
Mallorca will have now to host Real, the race for title is still very interesting and far from decided

90 89
MD Barça RealM
May05 36 v Tener @ Mallr
May09 37 @ Sevil v ABilb
May16 38 v Valld @ Malag

Atlético lost in Sevilla, now getting 7th is the least probable of their 4 ways to get in EL
Deportivo lost at home to Zaragoza, and didn't profit of the brake of the clubs ahead in the run for 7th

3rd CLG 4th CLQ 5th EL4 6th EL 7th EL*
65 59 57 52 51 50 44 43
MD Valencia Mallorca Sevilla°Villarr Getafe Ath.Blb DeporLC AtlMadr*°
May05 36 v Xerez v RealM @ Sntdr @ Almer v Gijón v Malag @ Osasn v Valld
May09 37 @ Villr @ Depor v Barça v Valen v Malag @ RealM v Mallr @ Gijón
May16 38 v Tener v Espan @ Almer @ Zarag @ AMadr v Depor @ ABilb v Getaf

Remember that with Atlético non-negligible chances to get a backdoor to EL, 7th place is far from certain to grant the last EL berth

along with Zaragoza, the victories of Xerez over Almeria and of Tenerife over Santander made the battle for relegaton wild and widened to 9 teams in 9pts with 3 to go
actually Atlético themselves are halfway, 8pts behind 7th place, and the same 8pts above relegation

41 39 38 38 37 36 35 35 33 30
MD Español Osasuna Gijón Almería Zaragoz Santand Málaga TenerifeVallad. Xerez
May05 36 @ Zarag v Depor @ Getaf v Villr v Espan v Sevil @ ABilb @ Barça @ AMadr @ Valen
May09 37 v Osasn @ Espan v AMadr @ Tener @ Xerez @ Valld @ Getaf v Almer v Sntdr v Zarag
May16 38 @ Mallr v Xerez @ Sntdr v Sevil v Villr v Gijón v RealM @ Valen @ Barça @ Osasn

06-05-2010, 07:28:08
Champion: O.Marseille
Cup Winner: PSG

Rennes proved no big obstacle in OM way, Marseille sealed the title again after 18 years
Along with Rennes, Lorient struggled at home equalising twice vs Monaco, all 3 clubs are now definitely out of the race for 5th place

Place currently held by Montplellier, who facing a similar task as Bordeaux, managed to scrape their 3 points in Sochaux (safe just above relegation), whereas Girondins didn't get past a draw in Nice and now trail again in 6th place, 2pts adrift EL

2nd CLG 3rd CLQ 4th EL4 5th EL3 6th ---
67 +32 67 +12 65 +21 63 +7 61 +17
MD Lille Auxerre O.Lyon Montpel Bordeaux
May08 37 v OMars v Lens @ Valen v Lornt v Sochx
May12 34 - - v Mnaco - -
May15 38 @ Lornt @ Sochx v LMans @ PSG @ Lens

Auxerre missed the chance last week to stop OM run, and now fell in Lyon too, allowing Lille to take them 2nd place thanx to a wide GD advantage
O.Lyon themselves, with a game in hand vs a now lost Monaco, are maybe best poised to leapfrog them both and reinstate their "blason" in CL groups

Most next fixtures for the 5 teams in contention are vs mid-table clubs, or vs ones who just missed (Lorient, Monaco) or secured (OM, PSG) their goals.
Thanx to their GD, Lille is almost assured to get at least 5th, Auxerre might need to put in a draw at least
Bordeaux realistically should only focus on 5th place now, and for that they must also hope Montpellier slips vs Lorient or in Paris

06-05-2010, 09:23:09
Real went 1 down in Mallorca, but then CRonaldo helped them equal the 4-1 Barça had already slotted in vs the other islanders team Tenerife
Their race goes on, now they'll both face a team battling for Europe, with Catalans hurdle higher as they visit Sevilla (who just clibmed in 4th place thanx to Real victory in Baleares), while Madrid host the Basques

93 92
MD Barça RealM
May09 37 @ Sevil v ABilb
May16 38 v Valld @ Malag

Most yesterday matches were Top vs Bottom
4 went as expected, with Barça, Valencia, Sevilla and Atlético defeating in style Tenerife, Xerez, Santander and Valladolid.
Getafe and Bilbao got stopped at home on a draw by Gijón and Malaga.
But the battle for 6/7th place stays close, as Villarreal unexpectedly got run over in Almeria.
Deportivo followed the same fate in Pamplona and dropped out of EL race.

Mallorca home defeat vs Real had two effects:
- Valencia is now sure of 3rd place and CL groups access (had Mallorca won, Valencia would have been behind in a tie at 68)
- Sevilla is now 4th and currently qualified for CL (play-off round). As of now, this grants Atlético Madrid an EL berth (for being Copa del Rey finalist) stripping it from 7th place

4th CLQ 5th EL
60 59
MD Sevilla° Mallorca
May09 37 v Barça @ Depor
May16 38 @ Almer v Espan

The battle for 4th is now a duel between Sevilla and Mallorca, as I said above none of the 3 trailing teams profited of Mallorca stop and now they can't reach 59 anymore

6th EL 7th --° CW/°LC
52 52 51 46
MD Getafe Villarr Ath.Blb AtlMadr*°
May09 37 v Malag v Valen @ RealM @ Gijón
May16 38 @ AMadr @ Zarag v Depor v Getaf

Should Sevilla slip back in 5th again (they host Barça now), Atlético still have faint hopes to get 7th themselves at 52pts:
- not in a tie with Villarreal alone (AM lost both h2h)
- not in a 3-way tie which would see AM trail as well
- a tie at 52 with Getafe, would entail AM have beaten Getafe in last match, and possibly overturned the 1-0 defeat they had in Getafe, in such case AM would be 7th on their own and in EL regardless their Cup results

in the back:
Osasuna pulled clear out of the fight in any case
Zaragoza profited of low Espanyol motivation to distance themselves too from the drop line

41 41 40 39 36 36 35 33 30
Español Almería Zaragoz Gijón Málaga Santand TenerifeVallad. Xerez
v Osasn @ Tener @ Xerez v AMadr @ Getaf @ Valld v Almer v Sntdr v Zarag
@ Mallr v Sevil v Villr @ Sntdr v RealM v Gijón @ Valen @ Barça @ Osasn

1st, who's still at risk?
Tenerife could still get at 41pts, and for doing so they must beat Almeria
Espanyol won both vs Almeria, thus in a 3-way tie at 41 they'd be safe, along with Tenerife, and Almeria would go down (provided Santander & Malaga win both their games too, a tall order for Andalusians)
Barçelona 2nd club would tho go down in a h2h vs Tenerife only. For that we'd need that Almeria, after losing in Tenerife, get at least a point v Sevilla, not that easy either...
So, only math denies catalans to already celebrate safety. While Almeria should really try to bring home something from Canarias.

2nd who can still hope?
bottom ranked Xerez made no miracle in valencia, now they face two games not impossible to win (after all in last 5 matches they gained 7pts, only losing in Barça & valencia)
Malaga & Santander are bot at 36, with Malage ahead in the tie
Xerez would prevail in a tie with Malaga and succumb vs Racing. A 3-way tie would see instead Malaga down. Things are furtherly complicated by the fact that for Santander to stay at 36, they need to lose in Valladolid who'd get at 36 too, and probably stay there as they last play in Barça :clueless:
I won't delve in all the possible h2h tie combinations. Let's just say Xerez hopes to beat the drop are slim but not imaginary. Nor Tenerife ones to suck down the teams above.

This should fuel Malaga and Gijòn motivation to not just roll-over vs Getafe and Atlético who're battling for EL

10-05-2010, 08:08:27
every team kept the place they had before last matchday

Werder conceded a late equaliser to Hamburg (scored by RVN)
this could have lost them the CL play-off qualification, had B.Leverkusen won by 5 in Mönchengladbach. Bayer got instead held on a 1-1 draw.
On thier turn, Bayer's draw could have lost them 5th place to Dortmund, who instead lost in Freiburg.
Stuttgart could have profited of Dortmund's defeat to take them 5th place and force them to EL 3rd Q round, but they couldn't get either past a 1-1 in Hoffenheim, and will have to begin EL campaign at the end of July.

No Europe for Hamburg next season.
Hamburgers will have to content watching Fulham and Atl.Madrid contend EL final this wednesday

10-05-2010, 08:41:10
chievo is a minnow, but one who might eventually slot in a surprise upset once in a while.

Chievo started with an early goal, but Inter got hold of the match going up 4-1.
Chievo didn't roll-over Wigan-like tho, as they came back 4-3, albeit Inter said they never actually risked getting equalised
Roma hit woodworks 3 times, before going 1 down in Cagliari 15' from time. At that moment it looked like Inter could celebrate the title one week early, but Roma soon came back winning 2-1

79 Inter @ Siena (relegated)
77 Roma @ Chievo

in case of a tie at 80pts, Roma would get the title
Siena would play their last match in Serie A, who knows when they'll be able to come back up (if ever). They might want to leave a farewell mark in front of their fans by tripping the would-be champions Inter

fight for 4th:

64 Sampdoria v Napoli (6th)
62 Palermo @ Atalanta (relegated)

AC Milan secured 3rd place by losing @ Genoa, only thanx to the draw in Sampdoria v Palermo, as they're ahead in records in case they lose v Juve and Samp ties them at 67
(had Sampdoria won AC would have needed to beat Juve next sunday, had Palermo won a draw would have sufficed)

Samp & Palermo drew 1-1 as in first leg, so now they have equal h2h records, and overall GD would be used to break a tie at 65, in which case Palermo would go to CL playoff round.
Palermo is very likely to win @ Atalanta (now officilaly relegated after losing in Naples), thus Sampdoria must follow their draw in Palermo with a home victory vs Napoli.
Napoli will actually only be fighting for pride, as they can't in any case take 5th spot from Palermo, and above all they can't now lose 6t place to Juve, after Bianconeri ended their disastrous season losing at home vs Parma

NOTE: if Inter fails to win CL final, next season in the same situation Sampdoria & Palermo would go together to EL where they probably belong, and Juvetuns would be left out of Europe

10-05-2010, 08:51:23
Siena would play their last match in Serie A, who knows when they'll be able to come back up (if ever). They might want to leave a farewell mark in front of their fans by tripping the would-be champions Inter


10-05-2010, 09:12:53
Remarkable home win by Lille vs already crowned champions OM
Marseille didn't just disband after celebrations tho, they forced Lille to come back twice and to a last minute winner

CLG 70 (+33) Lille @ Lorient

CLQ 68 (+12) Auxerre @ Sochaux

EL4 66 (+21) O.Lyon, first v Monaco (May 12), then v Le Mans (relegated)
EL3 66 (+ 8) Montpelllier @ PSG

--- 64 (+19) Bordeaux @ Lens

Auxerre failed to beat low-table Lens, now they'd need a Lille defeat in Lorient. Even that could not be enough, as Lyon (who only drew in Valenciennes thanx to a last-minute own-goal) have a game in hand and might finish ahead Auxerre in any case.
From contending the Title to OM, Auxerre could thus end the season in EL

Bordeaux hopes are slim, as they'd need either Lyon or Montpellier to only get 1pt in order to tie them at 67 and snatch last EL berth.
Montpellier just beat Lorient, and europe motivation could push them to do the same in Paris

10-05-2010, 12:23:21
Barça & Real both kept barreling past any hurdle
now both will play teams neck-deep in relegation battle

96 Barça v Valladolid
95 RealM @ Málaga
Madrid must effectively overtake Barça, thus besides winning in Málaga their last hope is that Barça don't beat Valladolid

Real's saturday victory had the effect of definetely ruling Bilbao out of EL, while Mallorca didn't profit of Sevilla defeat. Baleares club lost in La Coruña to Deportivo (who had nothing more to ask)

4th CLQ 60 Sevilla @ Almeria (now safe)
5th EL4 59 Mallorca v Espanyol
Now Mallorca must hope Sevilla don't win in Almeria. In the unlikely event of a tie at 60, Sevilla would be ahead anyway.

Getafe defeated Malaga, leaving them entangled in the drop battle
Villarreal kept their pace disposing of Valencia, already tranquil in 3rd place
Bilbao got thrashed in Madrid and gave up contention

6th EL4° 55 Getafe @ Atlético Madrid
7th ??? 55 Villarreal @ Zaragoza (already safe)

in case of a tie, Getafe would be ahead on records


Should Atlético win EL this wednesday, they'll qualify in the Group stage as Title Holder, and won't affect the allocation and the entry level of the other spanish EL teams.
That allocation would instead get affected by the outcome of Copa del Rey to be played wednesday 19, and indirectly by Sevilla final placement

Let's say that 7th place is NOT currently granting EL qualification.

1) Atlético win CdR
they are given domestic CW berth, goint go EL Q4
5th ranked go to EL Q4 (Mallorca or Sevilla)
6th ranked go to EL Q3 (Getafe or Villarreal)

2) Atlético lose CdR (thus Sevilla win it)
2A) Sevilla got 4th
5th ranked go to EL Q4 (Mallorca)
6th ranked go to EL Q4 (Getafe or Villarreal)
Atlético go to EL as LC, since CW Sevilla qualified for CL
They're not given CW spot tho, but get treated as last league entrant, going to EL Q3

2) Atlético lose CdR (thus Sevilla win it)
2B) Sevilla got 5th: since they didn't qualify for CL, they don't pass on their EL berth to LC, but to 7th place instead
5th ranked Sevilla already go to EL Q4 as CW, redundant
6th ranked go to EL Q4 (Getafe or Villarreal)
7th ranked go to EL Q3 (Villarreal or Getafe)

In cases 1 and 2A, 7th place gets nothing
In case 2B, Atlético get nothing (barring they previously won EL)

Villarreal should thus hope that Atlético stops Getafe in last La Liga match
(albeit for the 2nd Madrid club that would be a uselelss league match sandwiched between two cup finals!)
Short of that, the yellow submarine will be siding *against* Sevilla in La Liga, and *for* Sevilla in the Copa
:D :clueless:


in the back:
as suggested, Malaga defeat vs Real gave relief to teams already at 39 or higher
Gijon drew with Atlético to get definitely safe
Almeria had almost overturned the initial lead by Tenerife, who equalised at last minute.
Valladolid defeated Santander with a penalty 15' from time. Both teams then ended the game in 10 men, and are both tied at 36pts and both currently safe in the 4-way h2h tie-breaker!
Xerez finally defeated Zaragoza (safe at 40) with 4 goals scored in less than 10 minutes from 66' to 75'

36 Valladolid @ Barça
36 Santander v Gijón

36 Málaga v Real Mardid
36 Tenerife @ Valencia
33 Xerez @ Osasuna

Xerez residual hopes lay in a victory in Pamplona, and in at least 3 of the teams above losing and thus remaining at 36

The head-to-head tie breaker seeing now Malaga and Tenerife relegated, would obviously change depending whether Xerez join the party from behind, and/or one of the tied teams escape ahead.
In theory, a 2-or-3-way tie could also be possible at 37 or 39, with one of the four left behind and only one more to be chosen for the drop.
But considering Malaga & Valladolid are unfortunately in the way of the two giants running for the title, it's very very likely they'll both lose.
Santander are offered what looks the easiest way out.
Valencia already gently conceded 3 points in Villarreal, it won't be easy they now do the same in the last season match in front of their fans...

I'll just post the h2h table for now
Vallad Santand Málaga Tenerif Xerez
Vallad = 2-1 1-2 3-3 0-0
Santand 0-1 = 0-0 2-0 3-2
Málaga 0-1 1-2 = 1-1 2-4
Tenerif 0-0 2-1 1-0 = 1-0
Xerez 1-3 2-2 2-1 2-1 =

although I have to say that what I read there doees not agree with the order posted by wiki

10-05-2010, 14:22:12
The situation at the top in Spain is amazing. I'll quote from the Guardian article preamble before Barca's last win at Sevilla:

• Real Madrid have won 17 of their last 18 games and Barcelona 17 of their last 20
• Real Madrid, who have 92 points with two games to play, could finish with 98 points and not win the league; in 1999-2000, Deportivo la Coruna won the league with 69 points
• Real Madrid could finish the season with 19 wins in 20 games and not win the bloody league!
• If Barcelona and Real win their last two games they will finish with 99 and 98 points. 99+98 = 197. Even Scotland, supposedly the home of the two-horse race, can't beat that: the record is 194 in 2002-03
• Since La Liga went to 38 games a season and three points a win, there has only been one previous instance of two sides finishing with 80 points in the season, never mind 90, never mind 98
• Barcelona have already beaten the record for points in a La Liga season: Real's 92 in 1996-97. And that was in a 42-game season. Real have already beaten the record for wins in a La Liga season: Barcelona's 28, also in 1996-97.

Let me add an individual touch:

CR9 has scored 26 in 28 league games.
Messi has scored 32 in 34.

Possibly this season will be overshadowed in some sense by the European disappointments of both these teams, and for Madrid it will probably be seen as another season where hundreds of millions of euros have still not bought a title, but ultimately you are looking at two clubs playing astonishingly high level football.

13-05-2010, 15:38:35
Lyon v Monaco 3-0

CLG 70 (+33) Lille @ Lorient

CLQ 69 (+24) O.Lyon v Le Mans (relegated)

EL4 68 (+12) Auxerre @ Sochaux
EL3 66 (+ 8) Montpelllier @ PSG (cup winner)

--- 64 (+19) Bordeaux @ Lens

CL semifinalist Bordeaux last hopes now rest definitely in PSG not losing their last match, on home ground

Auxerre CL dream almost vanished

17-05-2010, 08:45:12


Barça going on to win in style made Real's result moot and maybe took off some edge from their motivations.
Blancos went down 1-0 in first minutes, and allowed Malaga to cling to a draw saving them from relegation at the expenses of Tenerife.
Malaga had to wait tho till last minute for Valencia to slot in the islanders-condemning decider: both in case of a h2h tie at 37, or a 3-way tie at 36 with Valladolid, Tenerife would have been the surviving club.

a Rodrigo Ríos volley in the fourth minute of added time gifted Sevilla FC a 3-2 win at UD Almería that sealed them a UEFA Champions League play-off berth

With Sevilla securing 4th place, an EL berth will now formally got to Atlético Madrid (either as CW or LC, albeit in fact they'll start from Groups as TH), leaving Villarreal out.
Yellow Submarine fail to crown their season comeback (they were at the very bottom after day 7). They also uselessly came back from 0-3 in Zaragoza saturday, but even a win wouldn't have avoided them 7th place, as Getafe walked over a now-satisfied Atlético.
The club got to Uefa Cup semis in 2004 (vs Valencia) and QF in 05 (vs AZ).
They got out at 1st KO round in 08 vs Rangers and this season vs Wolfsburg
They played two seasons in CL going out twice vs Arsenal, in 06 semifinal and in 09 QF.
Now they'll sit out of Europe with a 7th place, as they did in 2005/06 La Liga (that season they also failed to qualify from Intertoto to 06/07 UC)

Now this wednesday Copa del Rey will only serve (besides the domestic honour) to determine whether Getafe will have to start EL from Q3 (Jul 16) or Q4 (Aug 6)


from minute 39' Roma were virtually champions, till Milito dispatched the Siena formality at 57' putting Inter back on top as everybody expected

Sampdoria too were temporarily out of CL for 45', till Pazzini headed in the winner at the beginning of 2d half


Auxerre seized third spot thanks to Cédric Hengbart's late decider in a 2-1 triumph at FC Sochaux-Montbéliard. Until that point it had looked to be LOSC Lille Métropole who were destined for the UEFA Champions League play-offs, despite trailing 2-1 at FC Lorient, but victory took Auxerre above them – and behind Olympique Lyonnais, who sealed a group-stage place

Montpellier victory in Paris also made Bordeaux effort moot. Girondins lost 4-3 in Lens anyway. They got to CL QF this year, going out to Lyon, no europe for them next season.
Last Uefa Cup appearance for Montpellier dates back instead to 1999/2000 when they got out in 2nd round (R of 32, no groups yet at the time). no they get back in EL after 11 years, and they just got promoted from Ligue 2 last season!

Lille got 3 times in CL during last decade (starting 02, 05 and 06), they'd have got in CL groups by winning in Lorient and in playoff by drawing. Instead they'll play in EL as they did this season.

Auxerre last appearance in Europe was in 06/07 UC, when they got out in the group stage. Previously they got to QF in 05. Their best CL result was a QF too back in '97.

17-05-2010, 09:03:41
:beer: Nice recap

17-05-2010, 09:14:51

06-08-2010, 12:09:51
Last Uefa Cup appearance for Montpellier dates back instead to 1999/2000 when they got out in 2nd round (R of 32, no groups yet at the time).
Now they get back in EL after 11 years, and they just got promoted from Ligue 2 last season!

Malheureusement, Montpellier EL adventure is already over!
They didn't even make it to the preliminary playoffs.
They got out in 3rd qualifying round, on penalties in their 1st tie vs a hungrarian team, ETO Györ

Mr. Bas
07-08-2010, 03:31:42
And in more news from the European Top Leagues, FC Twente lost its first points today as they couldn't manage to score against Roda JC. Roda couldn't be arsed to score either, so a bloodless 0-0. In yet more news, it turns out to be totally impossible to legally watch the Dutch league from the US, so I have to stick to dodgy, low-quality streams.

09-08-2010, 07:34:23
you're in the US?
I must have missed the news

just on holiday, or did you move for good?


French Champions OM managed for an even worse start, losing 1-2 at home vs promoted Caen


Mr. Bas
09-08-2010, 18:04:41
For the next few years, is the plan. I received my Ph.D. a couple of months ago, and I've just started a postdoc position in the US. And I'm not really that surprised you didn't know, most of these things happened when I left forever.

Mr. Bas
09-08-2010, 18:10:06
Oh yes, more top league news. The mighty Ajax, self-proclaimed players of the best football in the world or at least in the Netherlands, bastion of attacking intentions and the beautiful game, lost their first points of the season by playing a shitty long-ball game that the average League Two club would be ashamed of. 2-2 against Groningen, only thanks to their new striker Mounir el Hamdaoui, former Tottenham reject, who had two moments of brilliance. Four official games into the season, and they drew against Groningen, twice drew against a very poor PAOK Saloniki, and lost against Twente. Even after a six year championship drought, this season doesn't promise to get much better.

Unless good things happen to them in the transfer market and bad things to PSV in the upcoming weeks.

Cheshire Cat
10-08-2010, 08:00:21
:beer: Groningen

Which MLS team will you play for now?

(I didn't want to clutter the sports forum with unrelated personal info, so I asked about MLS as an excuse to ask where you'll live in US :cute:)

Mr. Bas
10-08-2010, 23:23:02
Cambridge, MA, which is next to Boston basically. So that's the New England Revolution I guess, even though they're located in some village in the middle of nowhere.