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Dyl Ulenspiegel
20-04-2010, 13:40:48
As technoglow is notoriously dead....

I moved some data from the USB-Stick to the harddrive, and with that windoze seems to have deleted the folder structure on the stick. More precisely, the folders (with two exceptions that still work) are now shown as files (all with 16 kb).

I have a backup, and I have used some programs to extract most of the data from the stick. It's just a bit cumbersome to mine the texts for the changes since the backup, and a bit may be lost anyway.

The repair function under windoze doesn't work. Any idea how I can get the files back to folders?

Ah, yes: :drekkus:

20-04-2010, 15:56:00
Those are very good questions you ask.

20-04-2010, 16:02:19
indeed indeed

Post it on technoglow orr post it on the secret forum, that's where the nerdy ones are nowadays, I bet ubernerd Funko could help you

20-04-2010, 16:34:52
funny you should say that - I plugged in a USB hard drive the other day only to find it totally empty other than wierd folders/files that couldn't be opened.

I unplugged it, thought about it and plugged it back in - to a different USB hubb - and it worked fine. Put it back on the original port, same problem.

Weird thing I've been using that port for a USB flash drive for ages and have used it again after this with no issues.

Dyl Ulenspiegel
20-04-2010, 17:25:38
I had hoped it's the port - but tried 5 different usb ports, same crap.

20-04-2010, 18:26:31
I had that problem once... I ended up throwing the stick away. I'm lazy like that.

Did you drag and drop or copy and paste?

Dyl Ulenspiegel
21-04-2010, 17:44:02
Drag and drop.

I have rerun a recovery program with different settings and got some extra files out of it. That program can identify the old folder structure, which is otherwise inaccessible. Some files are ok, some a little damaged, some consist of parts of various other files. Managed to reconstruct 99% of the stuff.

What a big huge clusterfuck.

21-04-2010, 18:54:47
I would suggest never do the drag and drop again, it seems to string along control files or some such

Dyl Ulenspiegel
21-04-2010, 19:10:33
May well be. Copying is ok with drag/drop, but moving seems to cause problems when the source files are deleted. But I've just never seen such a total fuckup.

21-04-2010, 20:57:19
like I said, I ended up throwing the stick in the trash

Dyl Ulenspiegel
22-04-2010, 06:56:03
Well, the usb-stick itself is fine. I'm going to reformat it.

I'm sure someone retrieved the data from your stick.

Dyl Ulenspiegel
22-04-2010, 10:05:39
Ok, the stick is not fine. I'm going to burn it.

22-04-2010, 11:44:24
They are the devil's work.

I had one at my old workplace that used to destroy my vista test machine unfailingly.

22-04-2010, 12:00:56
mine tend to disappear mysteriously

22-04-2010, 12:05:30
they're going to encrypt all of ours, I can't wait for someone to screw that up

should be exciting

22-04-2010, 14:26:06
mine tend to disappear mysteriously


23-04-2010, 20:30:42
It's probably a computer related problem or something else.

Dyl Ulenspiegel
24-04-2010, 13:54:28
Ja das stimmt.