View Full Version : Manchester Derby pt deux

Greg W
17-04-2010, 11:46:05
Just sitting down to watch the game. Hope it's as good as the first derby earlier in the year! No real surprise Rooney has been thrust back in, and Bridge back for City. Among 5 changes for United from the team that played Chelsea.

17-04-2010, 11:52:03
I'm rooting for ManU just because I want Spurs to reach the fourth spot :D

Greg W
17-04-2010, 12:45:36
Slightly dull first half. Couple of good chances to United, but neither troubled the keeper and City just didn't do much other than a free kick to Tevez that caused a good save from van der Sar. Aside from that though, City just seemed happy to sit back and let United flail away ineffectually in front of them.

Rooney showed he's not entirely over his bouts of petulance and was lucky not to get booked. Every time City attack down their left though, I worry how far Bellamy will get behind Neville.

Ferdinand not even on the reserves bench is a bit of a worry.

Greg W
17-04-2010, 13:48:38
Dull for 90 minutes pretty much. Then the last 3 mins of injury time the game comes alive, showing what the match should have been for the previous 90 mins. Scholes drops into the box and United do an injury time double over City.

Some of the subs I really wondered over. Both teams needed to win. With 20 mins to go Berbatov comes on. But does an ineffective Gibson or Fletcher come off? No, Rooney comes off. I hope it was because of an injury (not that I want Rooney injured). Then city sub off Adebayor and bring on... Viera? WTF?

As usual, United pulled one out of the bag and heaven knows it's hard to argue with SAF, but for god's sake... United needed to win. Why not bring on Berbatov, bring off Gibson and play a 4-4-2.

Having said that, they won, so what the hell do I know? :clueless:

17-04-2010, 19:14:19
Gareth Bale :beer: what a performance

Greg W
18-04-2010, 02:34:54
Well, the title race is wide open again, as is the race for 4th spot, who woulda thunked it? :clueless: