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12-04-2010, 17:41:39
Just crawls so slowly lately. Takes a noticeably longer time to open and load the home page, plus it seems to take longer than usual just moving from site to site. Anyone else notice this? Seems to have started following one of the more recent updates (last two months or so).

13-04-2010, 09:21:58
I did notice, and started mainly using Chrome.

It's probably to do with some plug-ins you have installed.

13-04-2010, 14:03:19
I don't have many plug-ins or extensions. In fact, the only extension is a weather thing (Forecastfox) that's been on forever. I do see some plug-ins that I don't ever recall adding (Microsoft Office 2003 Office Plugin for Netscape Navigator; Microsoft Netscape DRM Network Object; and DRM Netscape Store Plugin). Perhaps they got added during some other update. Any idea whether they are worthwhile having?

13-04-2010, 14:14:31
Did some research and it does seem that stuff was added unbeknownst to me, presumably as part of another update of sorts. I can't imagine I'd ever need it at work (or even at home for that matter).

13-04-2010, 14:16:10
Some kind of porn app automatically installed hey?

13-04-2010, 14:46:27

I thought it would make the breastses bigger, but it just slowed things down instead.

Cheshire Cat
13-04-2010, 15:31:49
unbeknownst to me

that's impossible!
don't tell mr_B!

unlessy you actually wanted to say überknownst