View Full Version : Consession of a broken family?

07-04-2010, 21:45:17
This day was so mundane it was special.
First at the ministry saving Greece, easy job, then to see female friend whome I've called a crazed out destroyed dwarf but still want to see me and then on to my romanian pals to fix the house.

And we went to fix the house,proffessional job near perfect (we have forgotten what manual work is) then beers lots of beers then romanian wine then talk about how drakul slaughtered many turks (that was pleasant) then on to family.

And what blurts out of my mouth (mildly balkanian intoxicated) "since my grandfather died, it's each man for himself".

I feel exhilarated and so guilty.

07-04-2010, 22:00:22
This romanian wine though it's very sweet,you feel sugar flowing in your right and left arm.
This explosion of light when it happens between people who in first sight have nothing in common and then you're part of the family, I won't say that life is not worth living any more. It's so nice to have a house in northern catholic romania and I suppose a friend in Greece.
What a sweet feeling.
Balkans should have become a confederacy lol.
We're so similar yet refreshingly different. That's what byzantium was like I'm sure.

07-04-2010, 23:38:13
for sure