View Full Version : self biased!

18-03-2010, 09:36:21
facebook chat sucks, didn't see your message 'till you were offline

self biased
18-03-2010, 16:47:15
no worries. i was up late doing some writing for a LARP i've become embroiled in.

Cheshire Cat
18-03-2010, 17:13:55
apparently, the term "embroiled" comes up rather frequently in LARPs


18-03-2010, 17:18:53
748?! That must be pretty much every page on the internet I reckon.

Just as an experiment:


Results 1 - 10 of about 2,380 for caught with a bunny and a gimp mask in a larp. (0.49 seconds)

self biased
19-03-2010, 16:53:27
my god. this shit is consuming my soul. i was up until five am writing again.

Greg W
20-03-2010, 02:13:35
Yep, that pretty much covers my thoughts on LARP after I got dragged by a friend to a session once!

20-03-2010, 06:26:00
I agree - facebook chat sucks.