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12-03-2010, 15:28:40
Tomorrow I start a 2300 mile car trip from Cincinnati, OH to Fresno, CA in my Honda CRV with my dog... should be loads of fun. I get to see Amarillo TX!

12-03-2010, 15:31:48

12-03-2010, 15:36:37
You moving?

Cheshire Cat
12-03-2010, 15:37:07
Route 66?

Daily Average?

2300mi / 90mph ~= 26h

3 days 9h driving per day
4 days 6.5h
5 days 5h
1 week 4h

enjoy your trip!
don't forget to stop at Radiator Springs!

Dyl Ulenspiegel
12-03-2010, 15:37:43
2300 miles in a honda with a dog.

And Amarillo.

Why tf are you doing this?

Cheshire Cat
12-03-2010, 15:39:26
because the dog can be his relief driver

12-03-2010, 15:40:13
Average 90mph?!

Cheshire Cat
12-03-2010, 15:44:50
LOL, sorry, I had in mind 90 as US speed limit, but that's the conversion in km from the much slower 55mph


well, also because 90 mph is my avg speed here in EU

12-03-2010, 15:48:32
60 to 80 on the interstate. He's a map for your calculation


12-03-2010, 15:49:04
Cheshire cat being particularly useful itt.

Cheshire Cat
12-03-2010, 15:50:14
so, unless they now have raised the limit on newer highways, cruising at 55mph as top speed would take 42h

round it up to 49, and that becomes driving 7h a day a whole week long, rather extenuating
the dog definitely needs to take its turns driving too
Hopefully he doesn't drink



12-03-2010, 15:59:04
speed limit will generally be between 65 and 75 on the interstate portions of that trip, plus you can pretty much always exceed the posted limit by anything less than 10 mph without getting a ticket.

Cheshire Cat
12-03-2010, 16:10:15

Japh, tell us your driving plan and cut this dribble short

really anyway, on highways till I was under 40 I used to keep an *avg* speed of 160kmh as far as I could (i.e. allowed by conditions, not by law :cute: )
now, with aging (bot mine and my car's), I spontaneously reduced my comfortable cruising speed to 140/145kmh
BTW, I never got a speeding ticket and I don't live in Germany

12-03-2010, 17:55:24
I'm hoping for 2.5 days, 1000 miles per each of the first 2 days and 300 miles (4-5 hours) the last day. Generally, with stops, I will probably average 65-70 miles an hour, or about 14 hours of driving per day, stopping only to sleep and reload on beef jerkey and diet mt. dew.

Yes, Asher, I am moving. After 3 jobs in 5 years here in Cincinnati thanks to a sheity job and 2 lay offs I am headed home, somewhere I have not lived in 18 years. I will be working in the energy sector designing technologies for the alternative fuel industries with a small venture backed company who just received grants for their work. I will be renting a house from a friend who has been carrying his vacant, not on the market house, for 9 mos. He asked me to pay what I could until my house here sells, at which time I will pay him what he was asking less a friend discount. So, that's nice... it is 3 miles from my parents houses (the house I grew up in), so that's nice since they have a pool.

Company told me I could fly, but my dog is rather old and I don't think she'd do well on the flight. Then, my wife decided since she wouldn't really have anywhere to stay until our furniture got there that she might as well drive too. She doesn't leave until the 29th.

12-03-2010, 18:01:52
Same slacking off on the internet each day, different state. Good luck!

12-03-2010, 18:16:12
I'm a productive slacker

12-03-2010, 18:54:58

yes, that's Phil Hartman's voice

12-03-2010, 22:01:48
okokok so some days without your wife too


man you must be fealling lucky as luck could be

12-03-2010, 22:21:43
I'm going to be living with my parents during that time

no nekkid house walking:(

12-03-2010, 22:31:20
I hope the dog can go nekkid at least

13-03-2010, 02:09:01
Sounds great Japher.

I, too, am moving home soon.

I won't be driving the 2800km to Calgary for a 3rd time, though. I'll be shipping my car via train. :b:

15-03-2010, 05:03:14
Made it! 2 days. 2 very very long days... New Mexico had about 5 separate nasty wrecks all in a row around Gallop... nasty, nasty

also Flagstaff to Barstow = snooze fest

15-03-2010, 12:01:26
Glad to hear you didn't make a wrong turn at Albequerque!

15-03-2010, 12:12:37
i'm not

15-03-2010, 20:49:36
I should have made a left a alberquerque... I would be in Mexico by now sipping a margarita

16-03-2010, 02:23:25
speed limit will generally be between 65 and 75 on the interstate portions of that trip, plus you can pretty much always exceed the posted limit by anything less than 10 mph without getting a ticket.

Unless you go through one of the poor bastard counties that rely entirely on tickets for their budgets. This is true though as most states start tickets at 10 mph above the speed limit.

16-03-2010, 02:25:12
I averaged 80mph