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02-03-2010, 05:18:33
Well, I had to go out at lunch from the office (one block away from Robson Square) and there are still thousands of dazed fans from many countries wandering the streets with a slightly dazed look and an olympic-sized hangover. There were still at least a dozen pin traders but you could see that their heart was no longer in it.

Many countries are more winter-challenged than Grouse mountain in February and this means that the London 2012 Summer Olympic experience will dwarf Vancouver's games. My thought about London 2012 is that all the CeeGees near London who can, should, get involved. See events, volunteer and take in some of the ancilliary entertainment. I had my doubts but it has been totally amazing, an experience of a lifetime.

We went in hosting two abysmal olympics by anyone's standards. A point of national shame is that Canada was the only country not to win a single gold medal as a host country until Vancouver. In the first olympics held here the fans went so far as to boo a silver medalist in high-jumping because he never got the gold. In the second, failure was celebrated, and Eddie the Eagle and the Jamacian bobsled team were among the most popular athletes.

Even before men's hockey gold the Canadian media began putting more emphasis on gold medals and less on overall medal count, their previous measure of success. The 14 gold were trumpeted as the most ever for anyone at a winter olympics. Even with a rational counting system: say 3 points gold, two for silver and one for bronze, the US team "won" this time around as far as I am concerned. But the experience and outpouring of national pride dwarfed the 1967 centennial, the 1972 Soviet hockey series or the 1976 or 1988 olympics.

Things got pretty nutty towards the end. Both the curling matches I went to had fans as rabid as game 7 of the Stanley Cup. Volunteers were popular. Their gear was more popular. My wife received numerous offers daily for her volunteer jacket, some to the tune of several hundred dollars. Crowds kept getting bigger. Spontaneous renditions of O Canada more frequent. Souvenier hunting mayhem more intense. Red was everywhere.

Speaking of my wife, she became a celebrity of sorts one night when she was stationed to keep the riff raff out of the curler's dressing rooms. She already knew most of the curlers by sight from watching televised games, but she stopped a strange guy trying to get in without the proper credentials. A guy she did not recognize. A guy who lighted the torch. Yes, the Great One. In her defence she comes from a country where cricket is virtually the only sport with mass appeal. Still she was teased mercilessly by the other volunteers for not knowing who Wayne Gretzky is. At the end of her volunteering experience she gained such enthusiam for curling that we are going to join a beginners league when it starts up in September.

Today everyone at the office was in olympic withdrawl, but still wanting to relive their favorite Games moments. If I get organized in the next week or two I may post some pictures.

02-03-2010, 08:50:17
Definitely keeping my eye out for tickets. I reckon going to watch some of the less popular sports, maybe like Archery could be great.

02-03-2010, 09:38:02
I'm annoyed I missed the biathlon last saturday, but other than that this winter olympics has been great.

London 2012 however... I live quite near Stratford (where the majority of it is being held), and it's properly grim. Probably the most dirty, run-down, generally oppressive place in London. They have a lot of work to do.

Nills Lagerbaak
02-03-2010, 09:41:58
I'd be well up for watching the archery or something similar. We could sit there drinking mead- it'd be great.

02-03-2010, 13:20:10
Sounds like a great experience, Redfred. And going to London for the 2012 olympics sounds like a good idea as well. Catch a few hockey games and get me some VIP tickets for the HHH. :D

Cheshire Cat
02-03-2010, 13:21:46
Even with a rational counting system: say 3 points gold, two for silver and one for bronze, the US team "won" this time around as far as I am concerned.
IIRC 3 or 4 decades ago, CIO themselves were alongside using a "rational" 5-3-1 counting system

I tho agree that albeit all medals are important, 1 single gold outweighs 10 or 100 silvers without a win

Maybe not for Ollympics, but for single sports WC, IAAF fer sure, along the medal table it also gets issued a Placing Table, i.e. a ranking taking into consideration the placement of all finalists (typically athletics consider the first 8 as finalists, even in those events where more than 8 take part in the final race)
the points awarde are linearly 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
(sometimes in Euro Athletics Championships, 9-7-6-... had been used)

couldn't find the same for olympics, but IAAF kept it as well for athletics competitions inside the olympic event

Maybe MoSe could do the same "by hand" for Vancouver

Cheshire Cat
02-03-2010, 13:24:44
hey, googling for "olympic tables" I found this too



02-03-2010, 13:26:37
I don't recall ever seeing an Olympic medal table where it wasn't sorted by number of golds first.

02-03-2010, 14:04:52
The winter olympics are this year? When do they start?

Greg W
02-03-2010, 14:05:46
Having been to a few events at the Sydney games myself, I can Echo Red's points about getting i there to experience some of it. I don't know if London is going to have a central Olympic area (Sydney had almost an entire suburb), but if they do, get in there one day. It's amazing seeing thousands upon thousands of people of every nationality together, the atmosphere was just amazing.

02-03-2010, 14:18:11
this is one fine thread

02-03-2010, 14:57:22
As Cardiff will of course be hosting part of the Olympics, I will naturally be in the thick of it at the Millennium Stadium.:D

A couple of friends still live in the Mile End area of London just down the road from Stratford, so we’ve already discussed seeing some stuff at the main arenas as well…

02-03-2010, 15:02:09
The winter olympics are this year? When do they start?

Must be in the winter.

02-03-2010, 15:30:03
I bet you googled that!

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02-03-2010, 15:59:55
tis thread is going to be better and better and better

02-03-2010, 16:12:15
We went in hosting two abysmal olympics by anyone's standards.
Maybe in terms of performances by Canadian athletes...but not in terms of hosting.

Vancouverites...never getting over themselves since...ever.

02-03-2010, 16:37:28
They're owning the podium.:D

02-03-2010, 17:07:03
From the view of a non-Vancouverite Canadian, I think they did an okay job hosting.

It's a beautiful city and the people were really into it, but VANOC was full of retards with mind-bogglingly stupid decisions like the chainlink fence around the cauldron.

Greg W
03-03-2010, 11:59:51
Yeah, I read a review somewhere saying that they had screwed up quite a few things which should have been obvious. They fixed most, if not all of them, but they were mistakes that never should have happened. I think the end conclusion was a good, but not great Olympics.

The people, however, got a top rating for being one of the friendliest ever.

Provost Harrison
04-03-2010, 22:13:06
Well with the amount of money I have contributed in council tax to the 2012 Olympics...I am wondering when my complementary tickets are going to arrive :hmm: